Possible origins for Dianetics and Scientology



Possible origins for Dianetics and Scientology

by Jon Atack

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My starting point is the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary definition of plagiarism, viz "the taking and using as one's own of the thoughts, writings, or inventions of another." Hubbard's plagiarism was extensive. He took ideas from earlier authors without proper acknowledgment; repudiated his initial, partial acknowledgment of other authors; and many times took ideas from his followers without acknowledging them. By far the majority of Hubbard's published work was actually readied for publication by others. Over time, acknowledgment for these co-authors has simply been removed from newer publications.


The key concept in any argument relating to Hubbard's plagiarism is that of "source". In the early days, Hubbard expressed a debt to other thinkers. For example, there are a number of references to Freud and Breuer in his 1950 lectures. Hubbard also initially credited U.S. Navy doctor Commander Thompson.




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Thank You

AnonKat I appreciate your post. Thanks. That's what I have been sayin' without reference and glad you have the reference and the source.

Peter Soderqvist

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Soderqvist1: there are many sources to the Scientology tech!

Soderqvist1: in example the ARC triangle is derived from the Rosicrucian magic triangle!

Soderqvist1: Volney Mathison Invented, and created the E-meter already in the beginning of the Forties!

Soderqvist1: The Scientology Tech Dating and Locating is derived from Alfred Korzybski' s Indexing and Dating!