Scientology's Lawyers Threaten Anonymous

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Scientology's Lawyers Threaten Anonymous

Hey, so you all remember how Scientology scheduled a protest for last month so as to hold off a protest by Anonymous? And then they didn't protest at all? Well, for some reason the city has given the Church of Scientology yet another permit, for a June 14 protest against Xenu knows what, despite barely protesting at all during its last all-day protest.

The City of Philadelphia protesting code states that "[t]he term "Demonstration" shall not mean the casual use of City Property which does not have an intent or propensity to draw a crowd or onlookers." Scientology's last "protest" was just a few people handing out fliers for an hour or so despite the permit being requested for the entire day.

There's more: Anonymous is, well, anonymous, and is designed to stave off any legal threats from the Church of Scientology; apparently the Philadelphia group looked into the local college student who handed in the check for a previous anonymous protest (apparently) and had a lawyer hand-deliver a letter to her parents' house in Johnstown.

The greatness of Anonymous is the idea that no one can retaliate, physically or legally, against the group while it speaks out against whatever the cause is. But, of course, anyone can also claim to be Anonymous and send out anything in its name. And, as such, the letter from Scientology's lawyers recaps a bunch of bomb threats and other related hoaxes sent to Scientology from people it identifies as members of "Anonymous."

The letter then tells our fair college student that Scientology "has place[d] you on notice" -- ha! -- and tells her not to commit any illegal activities against the church. Yes, that's right, Scientology has placed a member of Philadelphia's Anonymous group who says she has done nothing wrong on notice.

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(Lawyer letter in the article.)

Tom of Helatrobus

Patron Meritorious
I got the same letter nearly word for word. I think they changed a paragraph at the end. Its total bullshit and has no legal merit at all. I showed up at the next Anonymous protest, with no mask on as usual, and the Scientologist couldn't do anything about it. Nothing ever came of it. I think they were just trying to freak me out...

Kathy (ImOut)

Gold Meritorious Patron
The CofS likes to use scare tactics. It sometimes works. So, they keep doing what is "tried and true". Scare the crap out of someone, so they will shut up and get others to shut up. Too bad for the CofS that Anonymous doesn't scare easily.


Silver Meritorious Patron
maybe it's just me ...but any clip of a talk show, the interview of Tommy Davis, and these ridiculous letters keep listing the same "wrongs" the church has "suffered" over and over again

Isn't it a little obvious?? When I had any complaints about harrassement of MY family I was being a "vicim" and had "missed withholds"!!!