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Travers Harris – My life in Scientology and the Sea Organization


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Are you serious?
AFAIK, there was no "paying public coming to do the OT levels". In 1971 the Apollo was training vessel. The only auditing that was going on was co-audit. The only ppl there were students, or staff.

I found my confusion. Yes, in 1971 there were no public on the Apollo. Paying public only started coming to the Apollo in 1973 (from an article in Source Magazine #29,

Of course, the fortunate people who received these phenomenal rundowns as part of their FEBC training brought news of their wins from the L's back to their orgs. Word-of-mouth dissemination about these Flag-only rundowns spread with chain lightning rapidity. But it was not until September 1973 that things were set up to really deliver the L's to the public. Not only were the three “giant” L Rundowns made available, but so was the entire Grade Chart line-up for training and processing. This was the dawn of a new era in its own right. It meant that a person could get all the services on the Grade Chart, if they so desired, all in one place. It also meant they could obtain unsurpassable results from services delivered at LRH standards. A good many of the staff had been personally trained by Ron. Technical perfection is a Flag tradition. Additionally, services were offered which a person could get nowhere else on the planet. Besides the L's, there was the Data Series Evaluators Course (now the Elementary Evaluators Course), the Flag Case Completion Intensive, Flag Internships which enabled one to attain Flag Standards in auditing, Flag Admin training for the executive or would-be executive, and other services.

At this time, the Flagship, which had always been a model of efficiency, became even more so. In addition to all the regular functions performed on the ship, which included the many Sea Org activities, delivery of the entire Dianetics and Scientology Bridge was now taking place.

Going to the Flag Service Org, in those days when it was at sea, was not so simple or direct as it is now. One made arrangements through the Flag Service Consultant, as the first action. When all preliminary details were settled, you went to the FOLO where the Flag Consultant was. There you got your clearance to go on to Flag. Then you saw the Relay Officer. He handed you your airline ticket to any one of many ports at which the Apollo called. It was the point where mystery was dispelled and you at last knew your destination. It may have been Corfu in the Greek Isles or Cadiz in Spain, but wherever it was, you were off to fun, adventure and a great leap up in personal freedom on the Bridge!

When your plane landed you were met promptly by a representative, quickly guided through customs and baggage formalities, then whisked off to the ship.


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Are you serious?
AFAIK, there was no "paying public coming to do the OT levels". In 1971 the Apollo was training vessel. The only auditing that was going on was co-audit. The only ppl there were students, or staff. The name of the Company that we FEBC students were told was Operation Transport Company. The ship housed Staff, students, Int Org Offices, The Hubbards,
How would I know if LRH's rooms had roaches? I didn't have 'the rank' to enter his rooms. I imagine that there would be bloody body parts on the decks
if LRH found any insect whatsoever in his rooms.
Are you serious with these questions?


Great Stuff, Phenomanon.:yes:

I've made a number of Posts on ESMB re: El Ron's personal spaces on the Apollo, including the fact that during my Apollo days I had unsupervised access to them on occasion.

El Ron's air conditioned spaces were attended to, painstakingly cleaned, meticulously maintained and immaculately kept by a 24/7 personal service staff. Not only was there nary a roach, there was never any dust, orders or noises that were "enturbulating" to the CommodeDoor and, should such happen, they were met with everything from snarky rebuke to surly snarling to vicious bellows to searing verbal evisceration to Lower Conditions Assignments to "Bust" and/or RPF--depending upon the "heinousness" of the "Crime" or "High Crime" solely, without recourse, adjudicated by Hisself--augmented, tempered or amplified by Hisself's Mood Du Jour.


EDIT PS:It was quite common that what had been "acceptable" and a "pass" for days, weeks and even months was suddenly a "manifestation" of and "Evil Purpose" to "harm" Hisself", "crash" Hisself's "Stats" and, thereby, "destroy" Scn.
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