Wedded to Scientology ("The Economist," July 24, 2013)


What precisely is a religion, and does it have to involve worshipping a God? Strange as it may seem, Britain's highest court has been considering that question. A member of the Church of Scientology, Louisa Hodkin wants to marry in that organisation's premises in London's financial district. But the registrar-general of births, deaths and marriages has refused to recognise the building as a "place of worship" under the terms of an 1855 law which provides the basis for religious nuptials. Ms Hodkin's attempts to overturn that decision were rebuffed by a court of appeal, so the case is now being considered by the Supreme Court, with some of Britain's top legal brains weighing in on each side.

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The difference between Scientology and Religion is similar to the difference between pornography and Art.
Scientology ASPIRES to be a religion for the economic and legal protections granted, and has spent millions to establish religious bona fides.
It is a charade, as we all know. Religious cloaking.
No group, with the possible exception of the Taliban, is as destructive and corrosive to family as Scientology.
The worship of money and power is exactly as Time magazine described it, "a thriving cult of greed and power."