"Blacks need Scientology and Nation of Islam to help resolve their conflicts."

Discussion in 'Nation of Islam and Related Groups' started by CommunicatorIC, Mar 2, 2016.

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    yes - because "Black Lives Matter"

    No one else has lives that matter?

    Just Black?


    I think we can credit TWTH Campaign for the "Black Lives Matter" signs peppered throughout our great land. It was spawned during the Way to Happiness Ferguson, Missouri Fiasco when the booklet that filled dumpsters in St Louis supposedly :whistling: and according to Impact Magazine - THE WAY TO HAPPINESS Campaign in St Louis - reduced the crime and spawned the Michael Brown Shooting / Cops are Bad - Black Lives Matter - Thug robs a convenience store - but cops picked on him insanity...

    Scientology - just when you thought they could not get any more insane....

    They do~!:yes:
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    Yep, TWTH cover to the booklets they were handing out prior to the Fegurson riots were practically identical to the original mass produced "hands up don't shoot" placards that started to appear in the beginning of the unrest, just after MB's death.
    Eeerily similar, but I don't know the inside scoop on the two designs.

    Soros has funded BLM from the start. And for all I know it was a long time plan to benefit Clintons run for the presidency. It seems to be working well for her. Bernie does not have the black vote.
  6. Knows

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    Who thinks Black Lives Don't Matter?:whistling:

    What a stupid, idiotic campaign...even my Black Tu Dee thinks it is stupid!
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    Flowing Power.
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    More racists to put on ignore. Neat. Thank you for identifying yourselves so clearly!
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    In the "Black Lives Matter" movement, I've seen a lot of the attitude that black lives matter MORE than white lives.


    What does the BLM crowd get riled up about? When a white person kills a black person, generally in self defense against assault by the black person. About the THOUSANDS of black lives taken by other blacks? No interest, it seems.

    The Black Lives Matter movement is all about harassing white people. Just watch their youtube videos.
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    So the solution to speech which makes you uncomfortable is to disconnect from the speakers. How in-Tech!
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    If one clicks on the nadirmuhammad link (above) it takes you right to the dark heart of the NOI hate machine. It's NOI talking to NOI, much like the leaked Tom Cruise video where he proved to the world how fanatically deranged Hubbard's cult is.

    Well NOI hasn't learned much yet from Scientology's outrageous PR meltdowns because they openly still publish hate speech against their enemies. Enemies like the "satanic" Jews.

    In this sense the NOI is very similar in tactics to other radical Islamic terror groups (Hamas, Hezbollah, et al) wherein they release glowingly "loving" and "peaceful" messages to the world about their religion. However when the very same speeches and writings appear online (in their original language) the translation reveals what was actually said--hate speech at Americans, Jew and other "infidels", vowing to murder every last one as their holy Koranic duty.

    The Western press, being politically correct, rabidly leftist and suicidal, steadfastly refuses to print the literal translations--instead, leading with headlines about Islamophobia and assurances that all those murderous Fatwas are from a "religion of peace".

    Well, there is something even more ludicrous and surreal at that link, demonstrating the unmistakable DNA of Scientology-inspired financial fraud now prominently being featured in NOI donation scams on their own parishioners. This has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever seen, even for Scientology and NOI.





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    Individual, interpersonal violence is very different systematic institutional violence and murder. There are many different programs and organizations, in various cities, trying to address the issue of interpersonal, black on black violent crime and the causes of it. Many, many groups in the LA area alone.

    Protesting the wide ranging institutional violence against minorities that is systematic and takes place in cities and rural areas across America takes a mass national cohesive effort and movement.

    Different responses tailored to different problems.
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    I think we're witnessing the beginning of the "Scientologization" of the Nation of Islam.
    Scientology has perfected the art of covertly marketing itself through various front groups that never mention the word "Scientology" because it has such a toxic reputation.
    Farrakhan understands that the Nation of Islam, also, is viewed as a toxic hate-group by most people, though liberals often tend to overlook it and focus instead on what they view as a positive "self-empowerment" message.
    In marketing and merchandising Nation of Islam tchotchkes, the influence of Scientology's deceptive techniques are apparent, as in www.mosqueflow.com.
    It's interesting to note that despite the "miraculous" benefits ascribed to auditing, the naked bigotry and anti-Semitism of Nation of Islam members remains unchanged.
    This union is the rough equivalent, in America, of ISIS and al-Qaeda joining forces, and it will get worse before it gets better.
    Farrakhan, like Miscavige, has created a very comfortable, luxurious life for himself and his family through the commercialization of hatred and scapegoating Jews.
    Farrakhan, a demagogue of the first order, is by far the more effective speaker, while Miscavige is, beyond the smoke and mirrors and columns, a dressed up punk, at his core, reading off a teleprompter.
    Two cults, united in a joint quest of greed and power.
    Only in America...
  15. JustSheila

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    There is such a thing as destroying an organization through infiltration via alliance.

    It happened to the Catholic Church when Constantine the Great allied the Catholic Church with the Roman Empire. It stopped the Christians being slaughtered, but in time, the Catholic Church became something else altogether and an abusive organization that then went around slaughtering anyone that didn't fit its definition of 'Catholic.' It lost its original virtues.

    It happened to other organizations, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. One example is the 'Newstart' program, that was once so beneficial and now is just a mishmash of all sorts of community meetings and prenatal care that it doesn't do much of anything effective anymore.

    When two groups are allied but have different goals and beliefs, it doesn't work out very well. They turn into something else and either completely lose their edge or become far worse than the original.

    It's an interesting area and I've been meaning to write a blog about it regarding the NOI and Scientology.
  16. George Layton

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    Hell, is when you find out Thetans are rainbow colored.
  17. Enthetan

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    Meanwhile, in the 1970's, we had Vietnamese boat people arriving here, not knowing English, owning just what they had escaped with. Within a generation, their kids were valedictorians, they owned small businesses, and were well on the way into the middle class.

    Because their attitude was "No excuses, do what is necessary to do well".

    Perhaps the best thing that could be done for the residents of the "inner city" is cancel all the academic social science grants, fire the social workers, terminate welfare, and tell people "Work or die, your choice". After a period of upset, we might just see some improvement in the scene.

    Keep in mind that, before the 1960's, black Americans had illegitimate birth rates equal to or lower than whites, and kids were mostly raised in intact families. But that made them independent. Couldn't have that.
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    Would you have this apply to whites too, or only to black people?

    Can you supply some documentation for that statement? Not saying you're wrong -- just I'd like to see some evidence.
  19. Enthetan

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    My apologies, I remembered incorrectly:

    Prior to 1960, black out-of-wedlock birth rate was lower than TODAY'S white out of wedlock rate, but was still higher than the white rate THEN, per Heritage Foundation. It started a dramatic rise in the 1960's, when an expansion of government programs made it viable for young black women to have children, and have the government support them.

    Before the 1960's, 80% of black children were born with a father married to their moms. Fathers are important for children, especially in their teen years.

    Being married and being responsible for a family also helps ground young men.
  20. Enthetan

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    Everybody. Notice I did not specify a race in that paragraph. We have lots of white people who have been on welfare for multiple generations.

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