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Mark, "Doubt" was written by LRH as a method of controlling his "slaves".

It is not something that has been squirrelled later by his followers.

It was designed to make a person wrong for not taking his policies and tech as gospel.

It was devised and used as a control mechanism by him to make people tow the line of "source", if they valued their "eternity".

The evidence for this is that if someone did the doubt formula and decided to leave the CofS, they went down the conditions and ethics gradient, not up it. This shows that in LRH's mind there was only one correct result of the doubt formula - whiich if you think about it is absolute nonsense. Therefore it is obvious that it was an LRH control mechanism in line with his affirmation that all men are his slaves.

Doubt is not a low condition unless, like Ron, one is a paranoid psychotic. His doubt formula is the mad ramblings of a fearful psycho!

Who says that someone in doubt is unable to be responsible and unable to control things? LRH said it, that's who. He said it by positioning his doubt formula where he did.

He was wrong! Doubt is freedom, doubt is liberating, doubt is flexibility, doubt is a noble virtue! :thumbsup:

Certainty is enslavement, certainty is a trap, certainty is stifling, certainty is ignoble and unworthy of the miracle that is a human being.

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

PS to save anyone else asking it, I'll ask the question myself -

Are you sure? :hysterical:


As more Scns do their Doubt formulas and realise that they should be out of the Church and (possibly) become members of a group such as "spiritual seekers who are tolerant of other's beliefs, support free speech and encourage communication and co-operation" (frinstance), Hubbard may rue the inclusion of a step in their next condition formula: Strike an effective blow against the enemy in spite of personal danger! :whistling:

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When a person is a known, acknowledged or avowed enemy of a person, group, or activity, a condition of Enemy exists.

The formula is one step: Find out who you really are.

Basically, find out if you really are an enemy to the group. Are your goals at counter-purpose, etc. You might not have evaluated yourself fully before evaluating the organization, person, activity, whatever.


Treason in Scientology is defined as betrayel after trust. Someone or some group has placed trust and faith in you or your stated position and you have violated that.

The formula for treason condition is: Find out That you are.

As a member of the group, this becomes "Find out that you are__ (whatever you are in the organization)". A person who is supposed to be doing something and is not doing it or is doing something else is creating a bigger problem and more dangerous condition than if everyone knew that no one was in that position. So a condition of treason would apply.

As far as I remember the condition formulas for those didn't include the explanations you gave here.

The formula for treason condition just said: Find out That you are.

The formula for enemy condition just said: Find out who you really are.

Well, that was how I encountered them when they were presented to me in the Sea Org. So I was supposed to do this one: "Find out That you are". I then started figuring out what that meant. I took that as to mean that I am supposed to find out that I am, not that I am a beingness, but simply that I am. A very philosophical approach. Although I could see that it could also be understood the way you said. The Ethics Officer (held from above by the Commanding Officer) didn't want to evaluate for me which one of those understandings were correct, I was told both could be correct, I was supposed to find out for myself. So I took the philosophical approach.

For the next one "Find out who you really are" I also took the philosophical approach. Am I really am an immortal spiritual being? That would make quite a difference right, so who am I really?

It gave me a lot of philosophical contemplation in the middle of all the tension that occurred because I had blown from post several times, blowing meaning didn't turn up until after lunch or late in the afternoon when I needed a break and therefore ended up being assigned a low condition.

Well, the philosophical approach might not be what was supposed to happen, your description of those condition formulas seems rather logical and certainly more pragmatic, but I got something written down in my way, turned it in to the Ethics Officer and it was OKed.


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Actually, the philisophical approach is really the 1st dynamic approach. I was in the main trying to explain the third dynamic approach. And some of those things ARE from different references. I just don't have them to hand ... :)omg: hidden data line)