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Evolution of Indie 500 today and Steve Hall's website


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I was never an 'indie' but I also escaped in stages.

It took me about two and a half years (total) to figure out that this organization was not really what I wanted to be doing. I simply left the Sea Org. I won't say blow, they can blow me.

I wasn't declared. In fact, they called me up a couple of months later offering to let me work off my 'freeloaders debt' at ten bucks an hour helping to reno Flag. That turned out to be a complete fraud, but I've already covered that. I told them to shove the year contract after six months, when I learned about this (I should have sued them for the promised ten bucks an hour!). They bought my ticket home rather than hear from my personal injury attorney brother.

The point is; I still aspired to learning those great secrets that would allow me to exist separate from my mortal body, effect the world around me with just the power of will, etc. This is what was really promised using more...circumspect language.

You could say I was still 'in' in that I still didn't imagine that all those people on the upper levels, writing all those incredible 'success stories' in 'Advanced!' magazine could possibly be all lying, and there must be some great worth in this. It's just the people running it, not the Hubster, of course, were mucking it up somehow.

It only took me one sitting to read Bent Corydon's 'LRH, Messiah or Madman?' and I was completely cured.

It makes total sense to me why people first leave the organization, blaming it on the people they dealt with, and then later wind up leaving the philosophy (if you want to stretch the meaning of that word). They simply acquired more info that was skillfully withheld from them while they were in.
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......And I think that in interviews lately, Marty has been rewriting history to the effect that he never was a scientologist once he left the compound, and/or whatever he did when he was counselling people, it wasn't scientology.

Yeah, and when I was in the Sea Org, I wasn't a Scientologist either.

I was just doing research--so that I could ultimately know enough to post J&D about Scientology online, whenever in the future homo sap got around to inventing the Internet.



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You mean cherry-picking and excluding all the destructive stuff? That's not KSW.

Or they are KSW so they're still applying the destructive stuff?

Which one?

Diabolical duet of questions! LOL

I nominate it (your 2 question set) to the list of:


Asking a Scientologist or Indie Scn certain questions is like watching a bad Sci-Fi movie where a lot of people living in your little village are beginning to act strangely and get that "that creepy look" on their eyes. LOL. Someone discovers that they are really aliens taking over the appearance and bodies of local townsfolk. They pretty much act normal except if you ask them certain questions. . .

Then they sputter, smoke, spark and begin to mentally freak--staring at you with wildly exaggerated TR-0 and com lagging an uncomfortably long time, after which they begin robotically reciting the LRH quotation that tries to slap a band aid on their own massively hemorrhaging cognitive dissonance.

There are so many questions that will cause a Scientologist to melt down in front of your eyes. The first one that comes to mind is: "If the tech works, why have 99% of the people who ever done a course or auditing blown forever from Scientology?"
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