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It is a strange one thats for sure,obviously a lot of folks are deeply annoyed and upset about the whole affair.I think if members of Islam get offended by it in some way then there would be more than Guy Fawkes masks and peaceful protesting as it is more extreme and if a cartoon can set that lot of then who knows what it would take and is probably not worth thinking about.
My worst experience to be quite accurate was staying at Stonelands,the house itself was quite awesome or would have been at some point possibly 400 years earlier but there were no cleaning or washing facilities and it was damp and it was freezing and everyone was shoved in these over crowded rooms in bunk beds,it was horrendous,I hated it.
Now they have awesome staff quarters in a place called Crowborough I think,which was formerly a youth detention centre but it is totally fitted out and I thnk no more than 2 to a room.
I was at Saint Hill a long time ago and it was a time when new uniforms were being introduced and I would have to say the older ones were much more marine like and far superior in appearance but I guess that is not important.
I am still having an ongoing spam argument with orgs across the world and even though I have been told several times I will be removed from the mailing list I still get a barrage of spam and junk mail through the post,in fact I have been told that it is not SPAM but "class sea org" emails.....fantastic!Anyway told them to F*** Off several times now and although it got their attention at Saint Hill,it still did noy have any effect and still I am bombarded with buy this and buy that and the force will be with you if you read all these amazying books.
Anyway leave them to it and let them run around in circles chasing their tales,from my own experience most people leave shortly after the EPF anyway as they miss being paid for working,enjoy their freedom,can speak and think for themselves without been told how to and also strangely enough can effectively communicate without having to digest one man's new language.
It is nice to know that many people in this world are prepared to make it a better place and that is truly admirable but to see it being mainly young kids and adults who are totally disconnected from the real world...oooops sorry wog world,how nice....one cannot help but notice that the current flows a different way and the abolishment of the false economy of federal banking reserves is probably connected with it too as I dont reckon spiritual salvation should be in Ebay just yet,or in COS and was never for sale in the first place.
Lets save the world...can I have your credit card number please?
Hi, Yes it was Darlene Gowns (not sure if surname is correct. If you type my name on You Tube, Susan Talbot & Scientology you will see me, a little older now but think you may reconised me.

I left in 1995 & dont think Bruce Perry made OT, I actually did a sec check on him. I worked under him when he was Universe Corps, but then he became ethics & ended up like a little Hitler, nasty piece of work. He was Clear only not OT.

I heard that Darlene died with cancer & in alot of pain, used to scream with the pain at Walsh Manor. Alot of nasty stuff went on at St. Hill, screaming & shouting at SO members, used to make me feel quite sick, the way the SO were treated. Also forced abortions went on there, so this action is World Wide.

I was on staff at AOSH & trained to Class VIII but eventually made an illegal PC, was just about to go onto OT4, paid for it, then told I couldnt have it, so eventually asked for my money back, I got the money that I paid for the OT4 nothing more & because of that my daughter Mandy hasnt spoken to me or the rest of her family for 10 years now.

I now just look forward to the downfall of Scientology & know its a dangerouse cult, & sick business.

Ended up like a littler Hitler...ha,ha,he did have his little tantrums but it was his bloody wife who I could not stand,man that woman was bloody evil,she went out of her way to enturbulate me and make my time there as uncomfortable as possible,she was antagonistic and was like a total cow,sorry if she was a friend of yours but I bloody hated her,she was nasty as heck.I remember it was not just me but occasionally she would be reprimanded in the mornings when we all were in the great hall for rolling her eyes etc if she was told to do something.
I also had issues with this big ethics bloke,might have been Alex or something,I nearly punched him half a dozen times in the mornings as he stood behind me and had an annoying habit of attemting to physically line me up by man handling me rather then suggesting I move a little bit to each side,still makes me angry thinking about him...it came very close to fisty cuffs,trust me.Still would too.
I also remember some geezer getting caught stealing £200 out of the sauna,he was a sea org member,I wont mention his name but how can there not be out-tech when folks like that are running the show....total joke,thats a flunk...restudy..lmao


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I was in the SO for three years and never heard of Xenu and certainly never was an OT likely to discuss confidential matters. In fact it wasn't until 2008 that I heard of Xenu and it was from material I'd seen on the NET!

I was in the SO for three years and never heard of Xenu and certainly never was an OT likely to discuss confidential matters. In fact it wasn't until 2008 that I heard of Xenu and it was from material I'd seen on the NET!


You are like a stuck record,do you really think I care about what you did not hear,get a grip man!