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Follow The Money - Virginia Mcclaughry

Discussion in 'David Miscavige and Current Management' started by AnonKat, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    Do I know you? Only people I know that call me Virg used to be where Bill and I were in the Sea Org - cuz they heard Bill call me that.

    Anyway, as to your point about that was a big money line. Oh yes I did know.


    In fact, it was their BIGGEST income line - the Sea Org AFAIK. I think we cost Marty and Mike Rinder and other RTC guys their paychecks/bonuses/days off too.

    Heh. Good.

    It was a great target that - an excellent critical-point. Maximum effect/minimum effort.

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  2. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    Did you ever hear about that I walked right into mimeo, (across the street from the FB) while a public at flag, dressed in black pants, blue shirt and they thought I was RTC? I wasn't even trying to dress like them - it was just a GAP pair of pants and shirt that I guess was some kind of color scheme RTC wore - which I didn't even know that at the time.

    Anyway, walked in, asked for the earlier copy of the CS 73 that was "revised" - 73RA. Person said Yes SIR. I kept my cool, stood waiting. He asked, may I ask what you need this for sir? This issue has been revised.

    I said:

    False-Data Stripping.


    He said Oh, ok, I'll get it right away Sir and gave it to me and I walked out with it.

    And Away we went... :hattip:

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  3. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    Enthetan - wasn't trying to out you or anything with asking if I knew you. I was just curious. You don't have to answer if security is a concern.

  4. ThetanExterior

    ThetanExterior Gold Meritorious Patron

    Me too. I was a Patron and got it all back. Must have been around 2001/2002.
  5. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    Yeah you!


    Take that you mutha's.

  6. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    Enthetan - You know, I think I should point out that Bill was at heart a decent guy, but he was always a bit TOO nice, he was way too easy about these people. Or maybe that's not it, it's like he was somehow numbed to the things he saw, the scientological ways or something. Like he should have been sad, or angry at times, but he wouldn't really be when you know someone would just have to be. Its probably that whole GOTTA BE UPTONE bs too, I suppose. He also suffered from terrible migraines, just terrible.

    He was such a smart and funny man, and we became good friends later on when he had left the Sea Org, I felt it was better for the kids so I made my peace with him. I miss him sometimes, know what I mean? I wish he'd leave that place. Boy, would he have stories to tell.


  7. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    It's wonderful to be able to tell these stories the way they always should have been told - minus all the rah rah Scientological bullshit I had to insert in them previously when I was still trying to reach the Scientologists still in the Church about the six month check, the PDC 20 alteration, and so on.

    God. What a relief.

  8. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Why were you trying to reach them about the 6 month sec check etc? To save them from KSW not being applied?
  9. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    To get them to stop doing the six-month check, for starters, then to see that other things were not as they should be from a Scientological view, and ultimately - to leave the church and penultimately to LEAVE SCIENTOLOGY altogether.

    As a result of what we started there, some people made it part of the way, some made it further, some made it ALL the way out.

    My personal favorite is the last one, of course.
  10. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    The first time I heard of the McLaughreys was when - gosh, was it a write up on a.r.s. or OCMB- it's been soo long--I heard about them taking the stand against the 6 month sec checks on OTVII. They put themselves on the line to do so then soon afterward, Greg and Debra Barnes followed suit, also getting into a peck of trouble.

    The 6 month sec checks on OTVII are a huge huge money maker for the cult. According to Hubbard's own C/S series, it's totally not supposed to be done. What Hub thought may not be important to those of us who do not follow him, but thing is, it proves that the cult does not follow its own procedures when money is involved. People resented the fuck out of those sec checks. Then, grudgingly, around 99 or so, I heard that the cult was going to redo it so it wasn't so invasive. This was after the McLaughreys and the Barnes blew the whistle on it and it was still bullshit cuz revising something that isn't even supposed to be done isn't really quite the thing, yanno.

    The Mclaughreys and the Barneses put their cult membership (at that time important to them) and their livelihoods on the line. I remember Greg and Debra saying they were adversely affected financially and I think the McLaughreys may also have been.

    It was a very big deal a little over a decade ago. It was publicized all over and I think it was a fair sized strike against DM at that time.
  11. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    Claire - While I see you here, I wanted to tell you that I was sorry for being overly harsh with you in the past. There were things that I didn't like that you said, but that didn't justify times when my anger with other things got misdirected onto you, resulting in far harsher responses than you deserved. OK?
  12. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    It's fine, V. I am sorry I reactef in anger and lost my temper.

    Funny how viewpoints shift as we go on in life.
  13. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    Amen to that, right?


    Thanks Claire.
  14. "V"

    "V" Patron with Honors

    Update -

    Due to the fact that I will shortly have access to some of the records previously unavailable (related to Scientology's money-laundering) this is just a note for anyone interested to check the Just Dox section of the Reading Library at Mike's blog from time to time. That's where these records will be put when they are ready for viewing.


    Virginia McClaughry
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  15. CaliMule

    CaliMule Work Hard and Bray

    An old adage of the CIA is "you can't hide a hippo with a hankie". This means, for instance, you can't conduct a clandestine operation out of "secret" airbase adjacent to a "secret" housing complex with a "secret" PX that sells goods catering to American tastes. Even smaller hippos can't be hid by even bigger hankies, too.

    You can, however, hide a hippo with an iconoclastic and bizarre religious movement that the public and nosey press really can't comprehend the motivations for joining nor real purposes to the activities of, and which is made to seem eternally obscure except for undertakings that amount to tabloid shockers. So you can launder your illicit Southeast Asia or LATAM drug profits through whack-a-doodles bent on conquering the universe in a will-to-power move even Mussolini would think daft, while trying hard to seem like Ozzie and Harriet do-gooders who have novel therapies to help you attain mental health and a little bit of god-hood if you eat all your vegetables.

    Think Fawn Hall telling Congress about going "above" the written law to finance vitally needed clandestine activities that Congress itself is not to know of. LRH (and DM) is not some potted plant here.