June 2014 Los Angeles and Flag Scientology Statistics: 13 Books Sold!


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June 2014 Los Angeles and Flag Scientology Statistics: 13 Books Sold!

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All you need to know are these facts:

In all the Orgs and Missions in PAC (that is 3 SO Orgs, CC Int, 5 “ideal orgs”, another org, about 5 missions including the two missions that have won the international birthday game for 5 years in a row) they managed:

13 books sold

5 Div 6 Services taken by a New Person on the New Introductory Routes (note, this is NOT 5 new people, it could be one person doing 5 services)

34 starts on a GAG II service

This is the result of 239 “Active OT Committee Members” doing nearly 500 hours of work.

Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2014
From: PAC OTC <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: Chairman’s Update: New Game to Play

Chairman’s Weekly Update

Hi Team,

Thanks to all that were on PAC Base this Monday to participate in the video for International Management. As you know, Maiden Voyage XXV is happening! On Monday June 23rd we will have a HUGE meeting/celebration to welcome back Claire and Nick from MV and get the inside story. You will not want to miss this! This is the official kick-off of our new year!

We have a new game to play with all of the PAC OTC groups – we are shooting to get 100 starts each and every week in the coming year. The starts can be at any org and for any service or training. We want brand new people starting and veteran Scientologists taking their next steps. Our VFP is Volumes of Public moved up The Bridge to full OT.

Have a very productive week and thanks for all you do.

Sue Frey & Nick Lekas
PAC OTC Co-Chairs

Next OTC Meeting: Monday June 16
LA Org Field Activities Area 6 – 7 pm


Stat #1
Number of Div 6 Services taken by a New Person on the New Introductory Routes

Stat #2
Number of Clears or NED Case Completions onto their next OT auditing step.

Stat #3
Number of Pre-OTs onto their next step to OT.

Stat #4
Number of public started on their Golden Age of Tech Phase II training and processing steps at a Mission, Org or SO Org this week.

Stat #5
Number of Public Started on a Route to Knowledge Course or Extension Course this week.

Stat #6
Amount of funds raised for Org Buildings or Renovations in US $

Stat #7
Number of Org Staff Assisted by OT Committee to arrive on Staff or the SO.

Stat #8
Number of OT Committee Volunteer Hours

Stat #9
Number of IAS Statuses Completed

Stat #10
Funds Raised for the IAS in US$

Stat #11
Number of targets completed on the OT Ambassador Program or projects this week.

Stat #12
Number of Active OT Committee Members this week

Stat #13
Number of Books Sold to Raw Public

Stat #14
Number of Events, Seminars and Briefings Held

Are you an active OTC member? If you’re not sure or need help to get going, contact Catherine Lepone, Deputy Participation Officer PAC OTC, [email protected]. To find activities to participate in, see the contacts list at the bottom of this email. And remember to report your stats!


Saturday 14 June

Super Power: Discover the Astonishing Gains – 6 pm LA Org Chapel. With Fran Andrews, ED CCHR, 3 Ls and Super Power Completion, and Marty Sherman, Super Power, Cause Resurgence and L11 Completion.

Sunday 15 June

Postulates, Prosperity and Action – 6 pm AOLA Atrium, dinner served. With top consultant Kevin Bernes and Lead NOTS C/S AOLA Vicki Markin


“The way an individual ages, the way he dies, is to give up his power of observation and his power of decision, and acts on the basis that he cannot do as much as he used to be able to do, he can’t stand as much as he used to be able to stand. And he attributes this to advancing age. He never attributes it to being able to stand less.

The source of advancing age is being able to stand less. Advancing age is not the cause of being able to stand less.

In other words, aging is caused by a lessening ability to confront action. That is all. It’s not because the person can’t, but he merely ages because he believes he can’t.”

- L. Ron Hubbard

Excerpted from the lecture “The Overt Motivator Sequence” delivered on 3 April 1962. This can be found in the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course lectures.


Saturday 21 June

Flag World Tour – Doors open 6 pm, event begins 7 pm, Hollywood & Highland Center, Ray Dolby Ballroom, 6801 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028.

Sunday 22 June

FSM Awards Dinner – 6 pm AOLA Atrium. Acknowledge the most upstat FSMs, Field Groups, OT Committees and Field Auditors, and hear plans for the year ahead.

Maiden Voyage 26th Anniversary: Summer of Events
All on L. Ron Hubbard Way

Saturday 28 June
Maiden Voyage Anniversary Opening Night

Saturday 5 July
Maiden Voyage Anniversary Expansion Briefing

Saturday 12 July
L. Ron Hubbard Source Night

Saturday 19 July
IAS Night
Meanwhile, Jeff Mintz provides us with more stats from Flag — things at the “top of the Bridge” (if you can still call an org that delivers more Purif and Objectives than Clear and OT levels the top of anything) look just as dismal.

721 Super Power completions since release — and a spectacular 20 per week!!! 20 per week? They have 200 auditors and $150 million dollar building… This really is pathetic. And 7 OT VIIs?
Date: Sun, 15 Jun 2014
From: Jeff Mintz <[email protected]>
Subject: Good News from Flag!

W/E 12 June 14

* 15 Purif Completions!!
* 20 Survival Rundown Completions!!
* 20 Full Super Power Completions!!
* 18 Cause Resurgence Completions!!
* 21 Ls Completions!!
* 11 Clears!!
* 7 OT VII Completions!!
(From the WUS: Rosser Cole, Mary-Jane Jewell and Don Davis!!)

With 20 Full Super Power Completions just in this past week, brings the total to 721 since Grand Opening!!

There are 225 public training through Class IV and 255 moving on their Golden Age of Tech II training!

Bring your friends, selectees or contacts into the Flag Office and we will help you get them to Flag!
Call: Jeff Mintz (323) 953-3230!


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Great to hear Scientology is booming in the LA area.

If they can sell 13 books and deliver 5 basic services in LA, the defacto mecca of Scientology on Teegeeak, I wonder how things are going in Podunk? . :giggle:


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Last I was there before being kicked out (which I don't regret now :)), their stats were a little bit better... So that means they are still going down and down. Great job.

Dean Blair

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In this day and age with all of the bad PR that Scientology so rightfully deserves, it would seem to me that selling a book to someone about it would be one of the most difficult things one could ever embark upon. Back in the day when I was introduced to Scientology, there was no internet and very little bad PR. It was much easier to bullshit people back then.