London Org- Current scene

this is a London protest, by old guard Jens, in 2006

Who are they:


From 1998(!)




^ Michael Burton?

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None of my contacts have been able to give me the current scene with London Org, .....

There was suppose to be WEEKLY IAS events to help raise the money for the new building which the public were expected to pay for (active Div4, about 30-50 people), a total of £15,000,000.

Any news on the new building?

The Church for a long time survived selling and delivering Scientology.

For the last few decades the Church has survived by begging (donations), and worshipping the donors.

On the havingness scale (available through the link) note that for some while the Church has been in “Must Be Contributed to” which aligns with criminality and disassociation under awareness characteristics.

They are full throttle on begging with reports of criminality at the top spreading all over the net. Degrading the Scientologists at events.

The news from Europe Orgs (all of it is about real estate obtained) at the recent annual Maiden Voyage Anniversary a few weeks ago is on Marty's blog on video:

Perhaps you will see some of your former mates being ridiculed by DM on the video.


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I am wondering how they get the utility bills paid in the Ideal Org (especially the heating bill last winter). Any ideas if they reg the staff and public for this?


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It's been a long time since I left Scientology, but Ray is Maggie's husband and Maria got married which is why you probably can't find her. I can't rememember the old surname and only know the current one because someone told me.


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She seems to have done OTVIII twice, with the purif and OTVII in between! That is some strange bridge.

Actually it’s the new, standard Bridge to Total Financial Oblivion as approved by the COB.

Where have you been! :eyeroll:

There are many stories (especially on Marty Rathbun’s blog) of ‘OTs’ having to redo parts of their Bridge, particularly Objectives and Clear, at their own expense naturally.

If I remember correctly, Lorraine had previously gone back to re-do parts of OTV as well. Lorraine is undoubtedly a good person, but so thoroughly brain-washed that she will believe anything and do anything to get up the Bridge. If the Tiny Tyrant™ says “You have to re-do your Bridge”, she does it. If he says “You have to join staff otherwise you will never do OT IX”, she joins staff and works for a pittance.

I’ll be surprised if she ever wakes up in time to salvage something from her life. She is so thoroughly enmeshed in the culture, most people she knows are Scientologists and she has at least two sons on staff. Imagine how difficult it would be for her to even think about getting out. Very sad.



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If you like Lorraine, do her a favour and get her out of this American UFO cult while she still has time to put aside something for her old age. Preferably before her physical health deteriorates, too.

While Scn propaganda is as loathsome as ever (and as bluntly irrelevant to normal people as ever) I don't wish ill upon any victim of Scientology. I don't doubt that this victim is a good person who has been tricked into thinking she's doing something good for mankind. Even the ones who are currently allowing themselves to be used by the cult's propaganda machine, I wish nothing but better health, courage, and the good fortune to make a clean break from the abusive Scientology cult.

But I think we both know that she's likely to be feeling sickly, tired and desperate right now: because that's what Scientology does to its most loyal people. The PTS in any Scientologist's life.... is Scientology. Always was.

No disrespect to Lorraine (or any other victim) intended.

Oh, and since you ask, Photoshop. Keep posting copies of the Scn propaganda, and I'll keep on adjusting 'em.

PS: regarding the term "alter-ised", I've read here that you'll recover from Scientology thought control faster and more thoroughly if you try to stop using made up Hubbardisms, and depend upon your native tongue instead. I think it's an effort worth making.