Scientology targets young kids

Kha Khan

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Daily Telegraph: Scientology targets young kids.

Scientology targets young kids
By Rosie Squires

THE NSW Government has warned principals about a Church of Scientology attempt to infiltrate primary schools with propaganda videos and booklets aimed at Year 6 students.

The Sunday Telegraph has learned an organisation called Youth for Human Rights, which is sponsored by the controversial group, sent an educational DVD about human rights to schools last month.

Titled Youth for Human Rights - 30 Rights, 30 Ads, it is a series of public service announcements concerning each article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

But the misleading cover letter does not acknowledge the relationship between the organisation and the church.


ABC News: Scientologists targeting schoolchildren

Scientologists 'targeting' schoolchildren

By Sean Rubinsztein-Dunlop

The New South Wales Government says the Church of Scientology is targeting Year 6 students using "marketing" material that claims to promote human rights.

Education Minister Verity Firth has ordered principals not to distribute DVDs and booklets funded by the church and sent to schools by a group called Youth For Human Rights.


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True Ex-Scientologist
I know that this about very young children.
However, Bent had the Riverside Mission Div6 people canvasing U.C. Riverside and the Riverside Community College.
As 2 examples, I came from UC Riverside and Roger had come from Riverside Community College.

So, I am not surprised by this story.

Another example, the CofS Narconon had been kicked out of the San Francisco school system awhile back.

Tiger Lily

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No, sadly not a surprise. . .it's what they did years ago with the Study tech books; Learning How to Learn, How to Use a Dictionary, etc. with the illustrations by Disney.