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The Dianetics Fiasco

I like what Face had to say....and agree.
And a slightly different take. I went from near God like reverence of Ron to over many many years a rather strong unfavorable opinion of him.

Retarded... even slightly? I don't think so.

Made some 'mistakes' due to various ( as kindly as I can muster ) some personality disorders? Yep.

Yet, to me, the most telling remark ( from above ) is "....all of that was fueled and driven by a diabolically brilliant and evil persona ".

Bright people were there. Bright people observed him. For years and years.
I got to go with their observations instead of those who only " knew of " or " heard about " or " read some stuff " or " heard from " .

I think , from memory of reading these boards, that some who obeserved him did notice large size dumb bullshit from him too.