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Are Theosophy and Rudolf Steiner Ron's Sources?


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To be reincarnated as a white European male is the highest you can achieve..

LOL Rudolph fucking Steiner

I beg your pardon. Perhaps you could read more before going of half-cocked and put that half a cock back in your pants rather than pissing on other's shoes.

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I beg your pardon. Perhaps you could read more before going of half-cocked and put that half a cock back in your pants rather than pissing on other's shoes.

Well how about all guns Blazing than !


“The Jews have a great gift for materialism, but little for recognition of the spiritual world.” [12]

“If you look at pictures of the old American Indians the process of ossification is evident in the decline of this race ... [A] representative of these old American Indians still preserves a memory of that great Atlantean civilization [i.e., the civilization of Atlantis] which could not adapt itself to later evolution ... The Atlantean had not assimilated all that the Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter Spirits [i.e., gods] brought about in the East, to whom we owe all the civilizations which reached their zenith in Europe ... The descendant of the brown race did not participate in this development.” [13]

“If we contemplate ourselves, we here in Europe are thus the fifth Sub-Race of the great Aryan Root Race.” [14] Aryans “comprise present-day civilized humanity....” [15] Note that Steiner was speaking to whites.

Today's red and black races descend from abnormal humans and have not participated in the evolution led by whites: t was the normal human beings that were...the most capable of evolving. [Abnormal] peoples whose ego impulse was developed too strongly...became...the Red Indians of America. [Likewise, the abnormal] people whose ego-feeling was too little developed...became the subsequent Negro population of Africa ... The human beings who had developed normally lent themselves best to progress. [16] The "normal" humans became the whites of Europe.

[A] centre of cosmic influence [is] situated in the interior of Africa. At this centre are active all those terrestrial forces emanating from the soil which can influence man especially during his early childhood ... The black or Negro race is substantially determined by these childhood characteristics.”[17]

The French are committing the terrible brutality of moving black people to Europe, but it works, in an even worse way, back on France. It has an enormous effect on the blood and the race and contributes considerably toward French decadence. The French as a race are reverting.” [18]

“Negroes” are “decadent" and “completely cut themselves off from the spiritual world” [19]

“Anyone who has dealt with Jews knows [that]...[m]istrust of non-Jews has completely taken over their souls ... I consider antisemites to be harmless people.” [20]

f we give these Negro novels to pregnant [white] women to read, then it won’t even be necessary for Negroes to come to Europe in order for mulattos to appear. Simply through the spiritual effects of reading Negro novels, a multitude of children will be born in Europe that are completely gray, that have mulatto hair, that look like mulattos!” [21]

“[T]he remaining human bodies belonged to the races that had become decadent and were falling into decline. The [good] souls left the bodies of [these] races and rose up to higher races.” [22]

“This was the reason that the lower races had fewer and fewer descendants, while the higher races had more and more.” [23] One of Steiner’s adherents has added that Steiner foresaw the necessary “actual division between good and evil races.” [24]

Moar at: https://sites.google.com/site/waldorfwatch/steiners-racism

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And have more posts like the above?

Sorry, but no. Just no. I really can't see what's to be gained by further excavating what seemed to be the prejudices of a man who lived a century ago.

I think we had a good discussion earlier about similarities between Steiner's spiritual information and that which can be obtained from other sources, but that car seems to have run out of fuel and gone off the road several pages back.


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I like Steiner best of anyone I have found. I would like to find someone with whom to study The Philosophy of Freedom.
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