Ex-members needed for radio show and SKY NEWS Footage online


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and...if you haven't yet seen this series from SKY NEWS UK on Thursday, you really need to..Dr Martin Poulter and I got some great footage...

Webstats at lermanet went to 120,000 hits and then
the stats engine crashed.. Sweenytod, Jeff Jacobsen, and Andreas
and Jens Tingleff all report RECORD web traffic...

I'd recommend that folks go out there to the blogs, and
article comments, and keep posting...vampires
are notoriously hard to kill...and unless you drive a silver
stake directly through their heart, they will keep getting up
when knocked down..

here is some ammo
right click to copy link

Nancy and her Neo-nazi's Clearwater Sun LINK

Scientologists Claiming to be NAZI's in past lives LINK

BOOKS scared THEM Link

Why Scientology Calls its critics Nazi's LINK

Connecting the dots of Scientology's Unholy Hoax LINK

Scientology, "A Nazi Like Organization" Der Speigel LINK

Scientology and the Occult LINK

The Hypnosis Index LINK

Hubbard the Master Stage Hypnotist LINK

Keep after them...
and have fun!

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Arnie Lerma
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for our friends and family
to get them out of scientology
before they end up here:

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PS: Any EX-MEMBERS who would like to call in to a live radio show and tell the public what YOU think of scientology - and it will be webbed! PM ME for details... or use my email [email protected]


Sharone Stainforth

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Ex-members needed for radio show and SKY NEWS Footage


I would do a radio interview, but maybe you meant just in the states?
I am in the UK