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FBI Investigating Scientology for Human Trafficking!


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Nice headline! Hope this goes viral! :yes::happydance:

I noticed in the last paragraph of that article it says:

"The Church of Scientology has denied the existence of "any place of confinement" at Gold Base, its international headquarters located outside San Jacinto. "

I hope they make that very same denial under oath on the witness stand.


Headline FEDs try to PR0BE DAVID MI$CAVIGE$ "CULT" H0LE but they are waiting for Tom Cruise to finish



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Since I am part of the universe of any one I'll answer this one. No I haven't and suggest that waiting for "anyone" to do something seems like a futile time investment.

Perhaps you can take the bull by the horns and ask the fbi yourself :)


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Reading martys blog comments...

I particularly enjoyed OTDTs comment

RE the activated HILL 1000 FBI investigation and media coverage,

DMs universe must be whirling like a Jet Fighter at mach 10 dive.
Bogey 6 o'clock and missles locked on.

meter reaction measured via the copper rods grounding him
-LFSD Long Fall Solid Down. Thankyou the auto GAK emeter demonstrator drones out - your needle is exploding, and you need stitches.

OTDT | February 7, 2011 at 4:01 pm | Reply

Clunk! Thunk! Clunk!

That’ the sound of shit-bricks falling out of Miscavige’s pants and hitting the floor.


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Reading martys blog comments...

The temptation is to ask "why?", but nm.

2 Scenarios:

1/ Marty "truly" believes that DM is the devil, LRH is a god, and that MR and MR have nothing to hide.

2/ Marty knows that if DM goes down, (not in an "on your cell-mate" kind of way), he will also be wearing a rather jaunty orange leisure suit.


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Here's another crosspost from the "comments" section of Martys blog from a "Brian S":

Brian S | February 7, 2011 at 4:40 pm | Reply
This is the time for any and all readers of this board who have actual personal knowledge of, or actual physical documentation relating to, violations of the law by the Co$ to contact your local FBI office. It’s easy; they’re in the phone book in that “government” section near the front. Call that number and tell the receptionist that you have information that may be relevant to an ongoing investigation. He or she will ask what investigation that may be, and tell them it’s the investigation of the Co$ that you saw on the news. That person will find out what agents are involved in the case, and one of them _will_ call you back. It may take a while, but they will talk to you.
This could be the Berlin Wall moment for the Co$, and any bit of information you have – in your memory or on paper – could be the crucial bit of info or corroboration that the FBI needs to make its case against DM and the Co$. If you want to Free Heber, this is the way to do it.

Well, you can count Marty Rathbun out when it comes to helping the FBI:

. . . <snip> . . . I don't care if you are a kid posting with a pseudonym or the chairman of some gigantic corporation, or the head of the FBI for that matter. In that regard, one poster demanded I confess to the FBI. Well, his J.Edgar heroes had me under intense surveillance, ran informants in on me, and tapped my phone over an extended period of time – all while I was in. When I got the two feet of transcripts of my phone calls through FOIA, the agent who ran the operation told me,”we did our best, but you just wouldn't take the bait.” So, a) they are the last people who are entitled to any confession by me, and b) I know for a fact they don't have the balls to ask for one. And that goes to the very top, to the punk (and I use the word advisedly from personal experience) who spent a year travelling around the globe trying to put me behind iron bars . . . <snip> . . .

They're a bunch of punks as far as he's concerned.


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Robert S. Mueller, III Director of FBI

Looks well qualified to expose the truth.

Robert S. Mueller, III
Director of FBI
September 4, 2001- Present

Robert Mueller was nominated by President George W. Bush and became the sixth Director of the FBI on September 4, 2001.

Born in New York City, Mr. Mueller grew up outside of Philadelphia. He graduated from Princeton University in 1966 and later earned a master's degree in International Relations at New York University.

After college, he joined the United States Marine Corps, where he served as an officer for three years, leading a rifle platoon of the Third Marine Division in Vietnam. He is the recipient of the Bronze Star, two Navy Commendation Medals, the Purple Heart, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

Following his military service, Mr. Mueller earned a law degree from the University of Virginia Law School in 1973 and served on the Law Review.

After completing his education, Mr. Mueller worked as a litigator in San Francisco until 1976. He then served for 12 years in United States Attorney's Offices, first in the Northern District of California in San Francisco, where he rose to be chief of its criminal division. In 1982, he moved to Boston as an Assistant United States Attorney, where he investigated and prosecuted major financial fraud, terrorist, and public corruption cases, as well as narcotics conspiracies and international money launderers.

After serving as a partner at the Boston law firm of Hill and Barlow, Mr. Mueller returned to public service. In 1989 he served in the United States Department of Justice as an assistant to Attorney General Richard L. Thornburgh. The following year he took charge of its Criminal Division. In 1991, he was elected Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.

In 1993, Mr. Mueller became a partner at Boston's Hale and Dorr, specializing in complex white collar crime litigation. He again returned to public service in 1995 as senior litigator in the Homicide Section of the District of Columbia United States Attorney's Office. In 1998, Mr. Mueller was named United States Attorney in San Francisco and held that position until 2001.

Mr. Mueller and his wife, Ann, have two daughters.


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I saw the handwriting on the wall so I got my refund a ways back so I have nothing I care about in the cult. I was sold out by any I knew for the cult.

Exactly Tory!!!

Bail Now!!!

If you wanted to wait until the last minute, well, guess what?

This IS the last minute.

You've waited long enough.


There's lots of help out here. You will not be alone.


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Well, you can count Marty Rathbun out when it comes to helping the FBI:

They're a bunch of punks as far as he's concerned.

Yes, I know he expressed that opinion some time ago, over a year ago, wasn't it?

Sometimes peoples opinions change over time.

And sometimes the FBI is quite good at getting people to help them, even when that wasn't their original intent. :coolwink:
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OSA cockroach nest uncovered

I'm on the East Coast, and I can hear the shredders from here. ;)

Lucy, you got some all-nighters to pull! Battle is now well and fully joined. Book at printers by Janet Reitman, Book on way from Lawrence Wright. The wait is over. The dark lord in Mordor sleeps poorly, if at all.

Ulf K. Maier

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Parachuting out...

Lucy, you got some all-nighters to pull! Battle is now well and fully joined. Book at printers by Janet Reitman, Book on way from Lawrence Wright. The wait is over. The dark lord in Mordor sleeps poorly, if at all.

Miscavige is likely poring over the list of non-extradition treaty countries he keeps in his safe at this very moment... and picking out a nice travelling disguise. Guy Fawkes, maybe? :dieslaughing:


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Seems a strange comment (bolded below), from the Feb 8th, 2011 St Petersburg Times article:


On Monday, Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis said that the New Yorker article was "nothing but a rehash of unfounded allegations" and that the church "has never been advised of any government investigation."
Laura Eimiller, an FBI spokeswoman in Los Angeles, said she could neither confirm nor deny the existence of the investigation.

On Monday, Scobee, Rinder and DeVocht told the Times that Los Angeles-based Special Agent Tricia Whitehill traveled to Clearwater to interview them at the FBI's office on Cleveland Street.

Scobee said Whitehill interviewed her for two days, Dec. 3 and 4, 2009. She said the agent asked about several topics, including instances of physical violence Scobee witnessed and punishments like the Rehabilitation Project Force or "RPF," a labor detail in which Sea Org members who transgress can work their way back into the church's good graces.
Scobee described RPFs as camps where staffers can languish for years, separated from friends, spouses and other family and given low quality food and living quarters.

She said she first came in contact with the FBI after she sent the agency copies of affidavits and other documents the church had given the Times and ABC News Nightline in 2009. The church offered the materials as proof Miscavige never hit anyone. But the documents — including sworn statements by current Scientology executives — acknowledged that violence occurred within the church's top management.

"They are admitting under penalty of perjury that it's happening with wild abandon," Scobee said. "None of them are calling the police. It needs intervention because they somehow think it's okay."

Shortly after Scobee sent the documents to the FBI, the agency called her, said it had an ongoing investigation into Scientology and arranged to meet with her, she said.

While in the Clearwater FBI office for her interview, Scobee said, Whitehill cautioned her not to speak with other employees in the office. She said Whitehill indicated the office might be compromised when it came to Scientology.

She said Whitehill also interviewed her husband, Mat Pesch, a longtime church staffer in Clearwater who defected with her in 2005.
Scobee said she gave the FBI a long list of contact information for people who had left the international base and was impressed that the agency had already interviewed some of them.

Asked why she decided to talk about the investigation now, despite the FBI's request that she remain quiet, Scobee said: "I didn't hear anything for a year and I got fed up. They're either going to do something or they're not."