Here is what my brother Uwe Stuckenbrock experienced on Staff in the Sea Org


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I wanna thank UKAnony for his perfect translation of this sad and dreadful story.

"Here is what I've learned from people who personally saw Uwe, knew him or were friends with him about his life and suffering in the Sea Org:

1979 or 1980 (16 or 17 years old) Uwe signed his contract with the Sea Org without a parental authority having given consent to it. He spent some time in England then he came to California to Gold. As far as I know, he had had a "Green Card" given to him back then, sometime before 1997. From what I heard there were already two [accidents/falls] by UweOnce he fell from a roof and once he fell in some kind of shaft or pit. Was this in each case caused by his MS?

In 1995, Uwe Security Guard or Security Chief in INT. Sometime between 1995 to 1997 his Multiple Sclerosis broke out. Laurisse filed for or had to file for divorce from him, to be able to continue her career in the Sea Org and prevent her going ontpo the an RPF programme herself. For Uwe the whole thing must have been a horrible degradation. First fit as a fiddle in a very high position in the Sea Org and happily married with a woman he loved [most in the world] - at least that's how I experienced it when I was able to get to know the two of them together twice. Then labelled as worthless, sick and alone being left by the wife. Try to picture yourself in his situation - that's extremely heavy stuff - it doesn't get any worse.

In this situation he tried to leave ("blow") the Sea Org - "at first he didn't want to execute the RPF programme. He had blown, then was recovered ("recovered"), but still didn't agree with the RPF programme. There is infomation and recordings about this in his personal file, which will certainly be of strong interest to the investigators of this matter. "And as you know.....(Name) many things get said to people in order to convince someone to do the RPF."

I remember very clearly Uwe was extremely upset about his wife filing for divorce. While he was in the process of planning to leave the Sea Org he once said "I just want to hear three words from her" many are RPF'ers divorced because they were no longer in good standing. Laurisse became assistant to David Miscavige and Uwe didn't get real help until he finally died. Furthermore, there are currently strong suspicions that Laurisse is having a sexual relationship with David Miscavige. So very selfish motives by David Miscavige in this matter can not be ruled out. Apparently, his wife has currently disappeared - even this issue should be very carefully investigated.

In 2001 he comes to the RPF PAC in LA. In the RPF he earned (already since 1997?)
11.46 dollars a week, which made any getting out impossible, even if he had made it and had, had enough stregth to do it. . After all, he would have stood on the street.with nothing. As is typical for the system, a strong dependency being created from which it is very hard to break free, especially in the United States.

At the beginning he slept there in bunkbeds, together with 50 other men in a huge dormitory packed into the smallest space (degrading - a further devaluation of his personality) and he was subjected to the constant stress which is usual in an RPF "You always have to run" We ( his mother, Christine, Heike my sister and I) only found out in 2002 that he had Multiple Sclerosis. My mother, set all gears in motion and had organized for him to get the best medicine existing at the timeUwe could. But it was all blocked from LA.

Between 2001 and 2004 the MS became rapidly worse, "even though it appears that he received some attention and care by now (but by whom and with which qualification?) And as far as I know never with medication which could have helped against his Multiple Sclerosis. When he arrived in 2001 he only had difficulty walking, until 2004 when he developed to the point of him needing around the clock care. He always had one or two of the RPF'erscaring for him, because he couldn't even make it to the toilet. He was treated with fresh fruits and juices and "assists." only. He sometimes went to the local hospital with two people him accompany him. He always got checkups in LA County Hospital or elsewhere, where the church does not have pay anything for medical treatment, because RPF'ers simply had no money to pay for medical treatment. (the quality of treatment would certainly have been better in other hospitals) Once he was allegedly a few weeks in a clinic using alternative methods against the MS were applied, such as a water therapy.

A short time ago (maybe before or in 2004?) the RPF had to prepare a private room for Uwe on the 2nd floor of the West Wing. Before that he was in hospital in a critical condition (this must have been during the time his mother Christine died of cancer) so in March 2004. Did the loss of its mother and the stress resulting from it provide for a further thrust of the Multiple Sclerosis (see; Multiple Sklerose) Up to this critical state, Uwe was living in a little curtained off space in a room with about 50 other guys"!!!! (Makes me so furious/angry!) ".... he cannot be getting enough proffesional care and attention and it's inhuman to watch this going on!" From time to time when his condition was really bad he had a short time in hospital.

In 2006 his father Dieter visited him at the blue building. He (Dieter) described the room to me (Markus) as was described in the report by the RPF insider. Since this article was published, which is the source for some of my quotes, there was apparently investigations by police in the PAC building concerned. When my father visited a second time probably in 2007 Uwe was (apparently) placed the blue building probably housed in a kind of sanatorium in LA in a beautiful residential area. But at this point he couldn't properly speak
anymore. Was this the reason that he was allowed to leave the building in his wheelchair more often now? The passersby the building saw Uwe during a walk my father did with him back then from the Batman cap Uwe always wore. Can canyone on this board confirm this?
Was Uwe actually cared for outside of the blue building at least from 2007 onwards? Who can fill in the existing gaps in this story with information?

I find that Scientology has committed some very serious mistakes in this case, - some high-ranking Scientologists, perhaps also even committed crimes? I want to see to it, that something like this may never happen again."

It is all so sad.

Thanks to everybody on this board for helping to get the truth come to light.




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Markus-your Brother's story breaks my heart.:bigcry:

I really hope you get all the answers you seek, and the people responsible for your Brother's torment are punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Stay strong, and my thoughts are with you, and your family.


I hope he gets the answers, too. Punishment is not something I seek, or would require, but change of policy, removal of the people who condone such things, dissolution of the group that allows such things, etc., these things I seek.

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This story is so heartbreaking Markus. Keep asking, keep posting, keep seeking the truth. I am sure Uwe is not the only person his has happened to, and they need to be held accountable! Perhaps the life of another can be saved, as your brother's was so sadly not.