Just wanted to honor a dear friend...


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Part of the tragedy that is scientology is the result it creates into the wider community; Liberated your posting to this forum the story of your friend reveals what an immoral event scientology is. I won't go on about it as this thread is in honor of your friend and your memory of her.

Each time we achieve something that brings the cult closer to it's end, I'll consider it to be like laying a rose at the feet of those who died in it's service, but were and continue to be neglected by it...all in the name of the 'greatest good'.

Thank you for bring her to our forum.

hi libby

I've had a chance to exchange PMs with some who knew my friend while she was in the SO and on the RPF. Much insight and some questions answered and I'm very grateful for the communication.
I've learned some things about David Miscavige which are extremely disturbing. It's obvious that he and his cohorts have created a lot of bad karma...and we all know how karma works...it always returns to its creator.

As a non-Scientologist, I've wondered: Why do people join the Church at all? Why do they stay? Why do they endure so much?
No longer a mystery for me. I've been reading some of the stories here, learning and really thinking about it.
I think I get it now.
Some of the finest people on the planet join Scientology.
They work HARD and sacrifice and have deep faith for the same reason human beings have joined religions and demonstrated deep faith for centuries...because it is natural to want to feel connected to some source, some reason, some answer.
It is natural to want to improve the self and improve others. It is natural to want to eliminate pain and disease...because it is natural to want to be okay and it's natural to want to be whole.

My friend's death was an unacceptable tragedy which was made worse by her experience on the RPF.
But she was involved with Scientology because she was a wonderful person who thought she was doing the best she could for the greater good.
She was not a robotic oddball...she was warm and intelligent and decent.
She was deceived and betrayed and manipulated and neglected yet she still tried and tried until her final days.

When she passed away, I hope someone was there to tell her how much she was loved and appreciated...how valuable she was as a friend and mother...how valuable she was as a person.
I hope she was not alone in some forgotten corner of the RPF, suffering, exhausted and in pain. I hope she was honored on that day, in some way...because I will continue to find ways to honor her, to remember her and to keep her memory alive.

Thank you all again for welcoming me and allowing me to share.

thanx for stopping by. you're free to go but i and many of we would love to have you stay. change must come and you're another person who could be part of it. yes you have that right, the subject is very appealing to those who have a taste for something more than the mundane.