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Featured My bridge to OTVII

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Feral, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Veda

    Veda Sponsor

    The term "Tech" is a generality, and is used in Scientology as a thought-limiting cliche, a buzzword. Not all the "tech" is benign. Some can be harmful, even when administered by someone with good intent.
  2. This is NOT OK !!!!

    This is NOT OK !!!! Gold Meritorious Patron

    Just finished your story Kevin.

    Thank you.
  3. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    Kinda runs the gamut. Some people here feel they got a bit out of the "lower bridge" stuff, and some feel all of it was a complete waste of time.

    There are people here who still pursue it outside CofS and who truly love Scn as philosophy, and feel they got and are still getting a lot out of it.

    I'm in the middle. I feel it made some real changes in my life but it wasn't as advertised, and now I get a lot of comfort from meditation. (Something that Scn, by the way, scorns greatly.)
  4. Zelda5

    Zelda5 Patron

    I suppose it depends on each person individually.

    I just believe there are things that actually "help" people without having to spend thousands of dollars, no organisation that truly wants to help mankind would make them fork out so much money and treat them like slaves.
  5. Voltaire's Child

    Voltaire's Child Fool on the Hill

    I agree!
  6. bugger unrepentent military police
  7. Idle Morgue

    Idle Morgue Gold Meritorious Patron

    Wow..Feral! THANK YOU for posting your story. I know it has been about 4 years since this posting but I am newly OUT of the CULT! Your story has totally validated what I was suspecting since I was on the RIDGE to TOTAL FREEDOM / aka as the Bridge to total confusion, bankruptcy, smash of dynamics etc.

    I feel so validated by my decision to get the hell out of that mind f*&cking CULT and your story has helped me tremendously! My heart goes out to you. Your writing skills are excellent. Maybe write a book! You kept me at the edge of my seat. I could totally relate to everything you went through:flowers2::heartflower::flowers::heartbeat::love11::love8::bighug::love2::hug::grouphug::console: and nothing has changed in this evil CULT! It is still the same Mind F*&cking techniques as you described and I am FREE!

    May you be blessed for the rest of your long life. You have helped me! You are amazing!
    See all that love above? That is for you from all of us! THANK YOU for telling the TRUTH. THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE.

  8. Feral

    Feral Rogue male

    These were the days I wrote my story for and now are the times when many of our old friends in the cult are wondering where it went wrong. I hope they find their answers on ESMB.

    BTW, what kept youse?
  9. OutInt

    OutInt New Member

    Dear farell hello, forgive my English, I am not native English speaker

    I just finished reading your amazing story, everyday I read for an hour and I finished it in 3 days, it was beautifully written, I also went threu many emotions, crying ( about your daughter and the invalidations and cold hatred remarks you got form the scientologists ) laughing when you beat that reg! That blow so much charge!
    And true admiration for the way you figured out some BIG TRAPS ( will get to that later as it is important )

    I am second generation “scientologist” ( well actually I am very much an ex ) I blow after NED. its like leaving just before getting the “orgasm” CLEAR!!! but I just got exhausted form the endless endless houres of overrun……and no change in life! The same old shit that ruined me back then still did…..the proof is in the pudding

    I just got exhausted after so many years of “following the yellow brick road” as I have always said and discovering the wizard of ooz was just smoke and mirrors.

    I had some unpleasant things happen to me over the 15 years I was active, but nothing major, I just figured out it really doesn’t work, or works poorly at best. well there are some relief’s form past charge, but I guess any talk therapy can help you, but the promises of heaven on earth… the astronomical costs… the controlling ohhh the controlling is insane, but I never agreed not to look at the internet, I have since 8 years been seeing and reading stuff, and of course getting into trouble, but they could never tame me.

    I want to say that for a long time after disconnecting myself form the tech ( I am “dis affection ) I felt a loss a fear, as if I lost my “real friends” but I never really liked them ronbots anyways, I most fread I gave up “eternity” and as time went by it dissaperd ( the fear ) but I was still Q&Aing about RON, WAS HE A SAINT? WAS IT ALL DM’S RUINING THE CoS?

    I have to say that when you said thet the study tech was plagiarized, that truly blow the stable data I had holding the doubt in place, as I was a bad student and after the student hat I was totally able to study like a beast! There was nothing that I couldet learn and excel in. so I was always asking meself, if Ron developed this AMAZING data, he must be a genuis and the tech must be ALL true!:no:

    I think this is what sticks lots of people in doubt:duh:, I remember even reading something Ron wrote about traps. He said you put one true data and the rest are lies but the person is in confusion! Think it was in the PDC

    THANKS FOR RELISEING THE TRUE DATA the study tech is bloody stolen! MY GOD!!!!:yes:


  10. Auditor's Toad

    Auditor's Toad Clear as Mud

    Hmm. Having done OT 7 & everything that leads up to it, I think I have a fair acquaintance with $scn I delivered a fair amount of it to others.

    I'd have to start by saying I came to believe the at least 85 % of any system is the belief a person brings to that system.

    That said, does a touch assist work ? Yes, it does -IF you believe in it.

    Well, what about praying to God. Doe that work ? Yes, it does -IF you believe in it.

    Well, OK, what about praying to a fire plug. Doe that work ? Yes, it does -IF you believe in it.

    What happens if I stop believing will it still work ? Most probably, no, not at all.

    But it worked when I believe in it ! Yes, it did.

    So, to answer that oft asked question " Does $cn work " ? Well, it can, if one believes strongly enough. BUT, listen up. "works" and what is said to be the EP of each level as per LRH ? NO, that is hype. Pure hype.

    But OT like LRH siad for each level of OT ? Nope.

    But Clear like LRH said ? Nope.

    Some believe. Yeah and what rhymes with " nope " is dope.
  11. Gib

    Gib Crusader

    Also -------"Hubbard also pointed out that the breaking down of a persons ability to withold reduces their intelligence, it was an early discovery to do with confessionals and early on there was a remedy for it."

    One of the definitions of "responsibility" in the tech dictionary is "the ability to withhold".

    How things get twisted.

    Consider, if you are a current member of the COS here lurking, trying to sort out the truth. Should you tell others you are doing so?
  12. Gottabrain

    Gottabrain Guest

    :thumbsup: This was one of the most freeing things I figured out after leaving the SO and Scientology. My world is my own. I owe it to nobody to tell all my thoughts, secrets and opinions and to tell every which thing like that is to give up independence and self-direction to another by inviting opinions and evaluations of what belongs to me.

    F(*&k that! :coolwink:
  13. onthepes

    onthepes Patron with Honors

    Thank you Voltaire's Child. I also enjoy meditation and it does not need to be figure, figure. LRH did not want any Scio to do it. Hence writing "Safeguarding the Tech". Words cannot describe how much I hate that policy. The sheer bombasticism of it. LRH did not want Scios to experiment with anything else only because they would be getting relief elsewhere and not flowing towards his Bridge. I almost hate to say it. I am new here. I did 4 years staff and 7 years as a Scio all up. I used to love LRH with a hefty conviction. The more I read, the more I feel ill. Yet, I have nearly run out the Scientology Engram by reading these posts. Thanks to you, and others
  14. sallydannce

    sallydannce Gold Meritorious Patron

    Written in a sense of celebration (is there a fireworks smilie?):

    YES! My mind is my own! Free to live life! Forming my own "rules for living", tenderly feeling my emotions or blowing steam like a crazy wild woman!

    I belong to me! Fully. Completely. Imperfectly. Wonderfully.

    Take back your life! Leave scientology! And never look back! :happydance:
  15. Auditor's Toad

    Auditor's Toad Clear as Mud

    After $cn it does seem the world gets brighter does life !

    ( Is that one of those there cognition thingies ? )

    Why is laughter frowned on so harshly in $cn ?

    ( Non standard listing question ! )
  16. Claire Swazey

    Claire Swazey Spokeshole, fence sitter

    Yah, I hates me some KSW.

    Hubbard inveighed against meditation and other things that turned out to be just fine.

    He intro'd arbitraries while stating that you shouldn't have any arbitraries. (that could be an arbitrary, too. Sort of makes my head hurt...)

    (the post-er formerly known as Voltaire's Child)
  17. Auditor's Toad

    Auditor's Toad Clear as Mud

    On of my most liberating moments was when I realized, per KSW, I was not qualified to be a scientologist. I'd heard the expression " lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders " and thought is sounded weird. Nah, not weird, GREAT !

    I'm proud to feel unqualified to be among 'em.

    God rest their souls.
  18. Wombatersl

    Wombatersl New Member

    *This is my first post*

    Hi Feral,

    I just spent the afternoon reading your story. Awesome!

    I knew you back in the day, about 12 years ago. I got out 10 years ago, and I mean that figuratively and literally.

    After I got booted from the then NN ANZO D/ED job which violated every staff/ethics reference I just had had enough.

    Actually I didn't leave the group associations I just routed off lines to go do some pioneering in China, and I'm still here, 10 years on.

    I used to call you for donos to NN, and as I was never really a salesman we did have some good short chats. But your story really filled in the gaps for me of that time. If I had known what was going on with your daughter, which I didn't, I would have been around there like a shot out of gun. I feel really bad that I didn't have my ears to the ground enough to get in on helping with your daughter, but I suppose I had my time cut out being on NN by day and working in Scios businesses to make ends meet, and keeping my old mum going enough to get through OT 5 which she did, and dropped the body straight after Graduation!

    I never went OT or any where near it, did get into the Non Interference Zone, tho'.

    I had incredible wins as a pc and from tech hatting that are the very basis of my being able to write this today to you, and all. If not for a short metered PTS handling when I first went in I reckon I'd be a real Type 3 by now, and the next best thing I got was to throw my glasses away, 10 years ago,

    I feel very sad that you never got those awesome OT Abilities because I had them before I even knew about Scn, in fact I actually went in so I could easily and openly use them and give them a name. Scn gave me a way to explain what I could do and what I know which drove me near to madness prior to going in, in fact I thought I was really crazy and did all kinds of weird things to get put in a Psych Hospital but no one ever carted me away in their little white coats. I concocted a crime once to get put in prison only to be let out 3 weeks later and given an official apology for wrongful arrest and incarceration. I just had to accept my inherent OT Abilities. Having done so has made life quite sweet.

    Irrespective of the Bridge, OT and all that I saw by your story you are one awesome producer and the Anti-Fracking Movement could no doubt use your production ability to save "the farm" from being fracked, and the UN Agenda 21 to seize private land ownership which is getting well under way in OZ.

    My son joined the SO in ANZO and ended up on a post at Flag where he knew all the Int Execs on a first name basis, and saw first hand what was rotten at the top. He has a tale to tell too, and is now telling it on his FB Fanpage.

    As this is my first post I can't put links here, yet, but will as soon as I can.

    I never got put in "the hole" but I did get locked up in China and the behest of some of my Scn group members who were running a big money scam in China that KRed to RTC, and soon after found myself locked up for 3 months and had my passport wrestled away from me. Funnily enough I got them damn nasty Commos to get me out. Then they put the heat back in on my meglamaniac Scio group members. There in lies some very nasty propaganda that LRH put into some refs, about Commos, Chinese ones at least.

    It is very sad, having lived in China for a decade, that there is so much Black PR coming out more and more on one of the greatest cultures in history, today, and the friendliest I've ever visited and lived amongst, in Asia that is.

    It seems to me you got some very extreme hatting on the big bad world and now you can put that to good use.

    You writing is excellent and conveys great feeling, facilitates instant empathy and understanding. My suggestion to you and Miss Patty Cake is get it down and expand on it with all the nitty gritties, have it professionally edited and formatted with a grim cover and launch it on Amazon Books. If you'd like to be a Best Seller, just PM me and I'll send you a hat write up on how to get Best Seller Status. And another to sell a million books! Now that would be delivering an effective blow, and be accorded hero status and put some of them lost bucks back in your Sky Rocket!

    And G'day to all you who will remember me back in ANZO.

    Finally, just to wake you all up to the fact that you made a correct decision to get out of the "Church"; a 'New' OT 8 from Hong Kong dropped her body last week!

  19. Feral

    Feral Rogue male

    G'day and welcome to esmb, I've been away for a bit so I missed this post.

    I've narrowed who you are down to three people but I didn't know you were the DED NN! Did I give you money?

    Send me a pm if you like. :)
  20. Loohan

    Loohan Am I Mettaya?

    Yeah, I seem to recall that about the time the HSSC came out in the mid-80s, there also was this new way to write O/Ws with "Form". And nobody knew wtf Form meant. And Qual was not spozed to give out VD, but instead would spend a couple days sometimes clearing up some downstat's comprehension of Form.
    Eventually, the ahem, consensus :wink2: seemed to be that Form meant "what makes this a contra-survival act"... but somehow no-one ever really seemed certain. And LRH, of course, would not elaborate.:begging: