New blog about "joining [Scientology] and helping the members wake up"


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New blog about "joining [Scientology] and helping the members wake up."

I somehow think that blogging about this publicly is not a good idea.

The blog is: Mathew Vs Scientology

The inaugural, May 22, 2016 post states:

* * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

This Blog will follow my new current plan of joining the cult and helping the members wake up. I will document every interaction with them on this blog and see how far up the bridge I can go.

* * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *

I'll note that an apparently then 15-year-old with the same name in the same country tweeted about Scientology once in 2014.

I'll also note that a person with the same name has liked posts in the Facebook group Scientology Sucks.

Seriously, if anyone can communicate with this person on Facebook or otherwise, you might want to advise him that his plan is perhaps ill-advised.


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This person is seriously misguided and plans to actually take courses and PAY the cult, thus contributing to it's continued criminal behavior. He will not get far if he thinks he will be able to spout 'entheta' to anyone in the org.

There is strong whiff of attention seeking with this one.
There is strong whiff of attention seeking with this one.

No kidding. And of course the larger question is what is going to be accomplished? Kid goes in, spends some money, and one of two things happens:

1. He writes up "man, Scn is weird!" and spends a lot of money. Nothing new is learned. I mean, really, what is to be learned from some guy who takes some intro courses? Been written up many times before.

2. He's badly taken advantage of - either he falls under the spell or he discovers that people who have tons of experience in extracting money from weak-minded fools are really good at it and he ends up spending a lot more than he'd expected. I don't think he realizes how relentlessly effective the pressure can be (which is not unique to Scn - how many people go to a "free show tickets" presentation and end up buying a a time share they didn't want after hours with a salesman?)

Finally...someone will come across that blog and expose him inside the org. He's posted his name and dates he's going to the Org. Even if the name he uses on the site is fake (and he doesn't say it is, only that he's going to use fake names when he goes to the Org), how hard will it be to determine who started a program on day X?

Really stupid in my opinion.

Little David

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Tony Ortega wrote today:

Private message to Mathew Pritchard

Mathew Pritchard
, please listen carefully.

Scientology in Manchester, England is not a thing. There may be an org there, but the total number of actual Scientologists in your area could probably fit inside your town’s smallest pub, with plenty of room to spare. They don’t need you to save them from Scientology. They will come out on their own, as the rest of them do while the church crumbles.

You are what, 17? Live life, man. Leave the infiltrating of Scientology to the experts.

We appreciate the link to our site. But please just stay away from the Scientology org. Far, far away.

— The Proprietor


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We have a response.

Mathew vs. Scientology: Response to peoples worries!

* * * * * BEGIN QUOTATION * * * * *

Hi, Its Mat

Well since starting this and publishing my intentions, I have had countless tweets, emails and replies on the Blog. In regards to how stupid and reckless it is joining and blogging at the same time. So I thought it was about time I wrote a response.

So in regards to the worries and concerns. I have used my real name on this blog because I really don’t have anything to hide from the Cult, honestly. They can have my name, email and phone number and address. I don’t have a problem with it. It is stupid but I have gone in open with them. The only information they will not get is; Where I work, My family and friends names plus their address.

There is two main reasons I am publishing while inside, that is because A) I want them to read it. Yes, I want them too. If they read this, they are one step closer to reading critical material. B) It is so I have a log of how involved the cult is becoming in my life and so I have a record of the events that take place. This is so, when I stop/ get kicked out, I can write a full account of life in Scientology from a critics point of view. This is also because I don’t want just a biased opinion.

Now in regards to people worried about Tony Ortega post plus other forms bring attention to this (yes I am writing to you Ross and Carrie, plus others on WWP and ex Scientologist Message board). Yes I know this will bring a lot of attention, but one way or another they would have found this, its not exactly hidden from people. I never intended for Tony to write about me, but it just brought a larger number of readers. I DM him, nothing public. I did tweet to John Sweeney but that was because I could not DM him. I have also contacted other ex members, but they all said the same.. Don’t. Yes, it will be harder, but that is now out of my control.

Now to clear up everything, before I started I though hard about it, I summed up the worst and best out comes and either way, it will be an experience I wont forget. I know how stupid and reckless my actions are. I know the dangers, risks and Fair game policy. I understand how powerful and crazy the Org is, but I am prepared.

I am only intending on staying in, until I know there is a real problem, or they mention it to me. At that point I am out, its over and I go back to normal life. (if I can)

If you want to read my tweets to john sweeny and others

The Tony Ortega Post

WWP Thread

Ex Scientologist message board thread

Find me on twitter to tell me how bad this is-

Yes I know my name is out, but honestly. Anonymity doesn’t exist when doing this.


Next Update of my time in the cult is Friday.

* * * * * END QUOTATION * * * * *


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Let me gentle about this, are a misguided fool that will be giving your money to the cult. The cult will use that money to perpetuate its insane agenda. They will milk you for your cash until you begin to criticize them, try to talk about OT materials or try to get people to 'wake up'. You will just be a 'stat' to them. And you will learn what the phrase 'other fish to fry' means.

This is so, when I stop/ get kicked out, I can write a full account of life in Scientology from a critics point of view. This is also because I don’t want just a biased opinion.

ESMB contains hundreds if not thousands of accounts of 'life in scientology' that are factual and unbiased. You are doing nothing new and you are going to be giving money to them so that they can continue to prey upon other people. I and other posters here do not appreciate that.

George Layton

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"I'm going to tell folks in the cult what they need to know." "I have been practicing on a stone wall." "I have taught it quite a bit so far." "I hope."