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OSA Defector Comes Out of Hiding

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Watchful Navigator, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    The attitude toward public was that their hat was to make as much money as possible, spend it all on service, and then come in and train. Declaring that you were going to spend your money on putting your kid through college instead of your Bridge, was an unacceptable attitude.

    Your money and time were the property of the Group, and spending on yourself was theft from the Group. For all that Ron railed against "Communists", his group WAS communist in attitude.
  2. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious


    Good post. I really think the lying is a bigger thing than often recognized. It is so prevalent that we often believe the lies as true, listen and don't look. Until we can find honesty in data and ourselves, we cant change our journey or life trajectory.

    Three different things that created a quantum shift in my world during my journey:

    1. I was perpetually upset and "enturbulated" at why I couldn't get a great job, get paid well, why I couldn't make things happen in the real world, why I didn't have money, why people didn't react the way I wanted and cheer me into whatever they were involved with ... because I was a Scilon, SO training, messenger training, admin training, one of the elite, etc. I honestly thought I was pretty great and the world should welcome me with enthusiasm. People liked me and I had great social interaction with them, they would say great things to make me feel good, but no one would be brutally honest. Took me a long time to realize that I was in fact pretty fucked up, my actions and qualities were not valuable and desired, and I couldn't make real effective changes and products that had value in the real world. It wasn't until I realized I was a looser/fuckup and stripped myself down that I could rebuild with qualities I wanted, liked and would create value for others that would result in deeper friendships and professional success.

    2. Reading and studying all sorts of self help, philosophers, even spirituality (Power of Now), etc. etc. Especially biographies. Got me to realize that there WAS help out there, that I was not walking away from the only "workable technology". There are lots of people doing good things making positive changes in peoples lives.

    3. breaking out of the Scilon overt motivator/ethics programming. Bad things don't just happen because of my overts, life has ups and downs, it is not lineal, work ethic and culture and deeds are more important in success or failure than a single overt or good deed. That life's energies have inertia, there are upward and downward trends that carry us in directions sometimes without thought or specific actions. That is it harder than I knew to change a life trajectory, it wasn't a matter of hours with conditions or OW write-ups, it can and does take years to build a stable and great life and career.
  3. Mike Laws

    Mike Laws Patron Meritorious

    Recently, I was speaking with a friend that spent, with her husband and child, months at my house. They have been gone for a couple of years. They could be pretty mean to each other about their shortcomings, and lack of life and financial success. They thought they should be able to, within months, have great financial success.

    They finally changed their tact, she told me she realized it was much harder to become rich than she thought it would be. They have now gone for stability, building a solid foundation, and are doing great and much happier in life and between themselves.

    I spent lots of time chasing after unreal "deals" for riches that were smoke and mirrors and cons. I was so interested in the goal that I didn't look at the path or journey.
  4. Ted

    Ted Gold Meritorious Patron

    Yes, as many a farmer or rancher can attest. Stuff happens. Some of it has nothing to do with he who perceives or experiences it. To think otherwise is absolute bizarro.
  5. Re: The Lisa McPherson Case

    From the new Mike Rinder Affidavit:

    "7. Miscavige was also directly and personally involved in other matters I am aware of related to Texas. Private Investigator Monty Drake was used to gather information on Dell Liebriech in Dallas Texas. Dell Liebriech was the plaintiff in a civil lawsuit filed in Florida on behalf of Lisa McPherson who had died under church care. Miscavige had been personally involved in the administration of Scientology counseling (auditing) to Ms. McPherson and was extremely concerned that he would be implicated in the case. He, Marty Rathbun and I essentially relocated to Florida from 1998 through 2002 to work almost exclusively on the case. Miscavige controlled every single aspect of it, primarily through Rathbun and me – from meeting with lawyers and experts to responding to protestors and making statements to the press. Not a single thing relating to the McPherson case was done that was not ordered by him. Not a single thing happened relating to that case that he was not immediately apprised of. Not a single utterance was made to the hundreds of media who repeatedly inquired of the church about the case without Miscavige either dictating the words to be spoken or authorizing them. All intelligence operations against the McPherson family and their lawyers were conducted only at the direction of or with prior approval of Miscavige."

    I was the DSA CCDallas from 1999-2004. I was not involved in the McPherson legal back-up, at first. After a year on my new post however, I was "trusted enough" (I was viewed with caution as I always was a 'wildcard' - but I was getting tremendous production and actually building a CCHR group with lots of public volunteers involved) - "trusted enough" to be called out to a "special briefing" at OSA Int at HGB Hollywood, along with Cathy Norman, the DSA Austin for many, many years ongoing.

    This was Summer 2000 and I had to squeeze this in between summer school for Teaching Certification, and the start of the new school year in Dallas, where I was teaching.

    This was a weirdly intense period for me personally.

    At this time I was actively under attack by an overly-zealous public volunteer named Nina Tan, who was "investigating me" for having as she put it, "anti-social characteristics." My "friends" up at OSA WUS who knew about this (she sent them reports) did not copy me on the reports or tell me what she was doing*. I learned what she was doing from my "real friends" at CCHR TX. She was going around to various staff and CCHR volunteers and "investigating" me implying that I was 'one bad person' to deal with.

    *see Battlefield Earth movie (Terl) for more on using "leverage" on your own teammates

    The real reason for the wild attacks on my repute, selecting my closest friends (and even managing to consult with my enemy, non-Scn, ex-wife!), was never explained, except that I once told her very sternly that she needed to get her ethics under control and stop talking about how badly her marriage was going, and how she was openly looking around for a new '2D', and to apply Scientology and fix it.

    Reactions! (Hell hath no wrath...)

    (I will tell that full story, later, but only one written and one verbal report ever emerged from a dozen of my own Dallas staff, that Nina was spreading this 'Scott might be an SP' 'investigation' far and wide!)

    So following 'PTS' theory, with the mounting hidden communications going behind my back (PR Series - "whisper campaign") that has become my excuse for missing the flight (what a loser!) that was to take me out to LA to meet up with Cathy et al.

    I did show up the next day, though, and got right into our new assignment.

    We were to map out the entire knowable (by library research, hook or crook) family tree of the McPherson-Liebriech family. We studied and organized all of what private investigators had assembled, thus far, from the usual stealing their trash, making fake calls to 'fish for data,' and legitimate background checks, etc.

    Then we returned to Dallas and hit the Genealogy section of the Dallas library for a few days until we had all we could gather. I was even allowed to use the Internet (I did anyway, but now I had 'permission'). Then I had to go to courthouses in my available time to get the remaining data of any court cases ever involving any of the family members.

    It was an exercise in hyper-over-kill and it wore me out.

    Once I got a call from the legal guy at Flag. He picked up on my nonchalance for overly petty detail, and he gave me a "reality adjustment" (not quite 'severe') over the phone: "Dooo. youuu. knowww. just what this case meanzzz. forrr. mankind???" :nervous: "Why 'They' could enter something in the court record that would be on file forevvverrr." "We could lose - luuuzzz the ownnnly. chance. mankind. hazzz. got... forevvverrr!" :nervous: "Ownnnly an SP would allow that to happen."

    "Right!" (?I'm not an 'SP' am I? :nervous:) "Okay b-b-boss." :)nervous: psst - hey - get your TRs 'IN,' Scott!) "Sir, Yes. Sir!"

    "Okay, then. Tomorrow a Fed-Ex will come to your door. You are to run this to the law offices of 'Glowball-n-Slaver' and report when you have delivered... 'the package' "

    (Hmmm... Now why couldn't Fed-Ex deliver 'the package' directly to the law offices of 'Glowball-n-Slaver'? Oh well. It's not for me to know, I guess...)

    "Got it, Sir!"
    (woo-hoo, Scotito* has a mission!:happydance:)

    *Scotito - Spanish for "little scott" - the wee-tiny little thetan way down inside that clinker-of-a-soul, way down inside that big, bad-ass essS-Peee! - ('little scott' sometimes comes out to 'play' when things git 'seerius' or 'inturbolated' up-lines, makin' everbuddies 'up-lines' right nervus!)

    I delivered the package to the law offices in downtown Dallas.

    Another time, on a Friday afternoon, I get sent over to an apartment complex in far East Dallas/Mesquite to ring the doorbell and then 'pretend to have the wrong door', just to see if anyone would answer, and to report back what I observed. No one came to the door.

    The rest of my work on this case went on for months throughout 2001. It was basically, run, run, RUN! to the last-minute, hyper-frantic orders to visit any and all Scientologists who'd known Lisa McPherson personally, in-person, and rush their 'affidavits' (more properly, amicus curiae - 'friend of the court' - briefings) to the D/FW airport Fed-Ex center, breaking traffic laws and pounding on the closing, closing-at-10pm door at 10:01!

    (And breathing huge sighs of relief that I'd made it in time, all the way home - how "Oat-Tea" I was for "making it go right.")

    That's my story.
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  6. Re: The Lis McPherson Case

    But seriously. I apologize to the friends and family of Lisa McPherson (who left Dallas just as I was joining staff in October 1993, but whom I never met), for being party, as outlined above, to the cover-up of one terrible, horrible crime.

    Finally, it is my firm personal belief (from examining the available documents - I did not have any remotest access to the internal details) that Lisa McPherson was dead for 3 days before she was taken to the hospital. (Note also that the last 3 days of reports were unaccountably missing from the record.)
  7. dchoiceisalwaysrs

    dchoiceisalwaysrs Gold Meritorious Patron

    :sad: but thank you Watchful Navigator for that story
  8. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

  9. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    Re: The Lis McPherson Case

    Dear Watchful Navigator

    Thanks for all you have posted here. Scientology Your last 2 posts about Lisa McPherson are an important part of this history and are much appreciated. I'm sorry your marriage was destroyed, your love tainted and your heart broken. It's a major issue with Scientology. While each of our stories is unique and in need of being told and read, this forum is a place where others truly understand and care. Never give up hope that things will change with those who have alienated us.

    Best wishes and keep posting!
    Mary McConnell
  10. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Re: The Lis McPherson Case

    I agree. Speaking of... "Three Scientologists, including Flag Medical Liaison Officer Janis Johnson-Fitzgerald, took Lisa to New Port Richey (25 miles and 4 other hospitals away) to be treated by Scientologist physician David Minkoff (who is at least an OTVII), Detective Andrews said."'

    How did Janis arrive in Arizona with a clean medical board record?

    Janis K. Johnson MD
    2196 E Cerrado Brio
    Tucson AZ 85718
    Phone: (520) 299-9647

    License Number: 9603
    License Status: Active
    Licensed Date: 11/08/1976
    License Renewed: 04/16/2012
    Due to Renew By: 06/02/2014

    Medical School: UNIV OF AZ COLL OF MED, Tucson, Arizona
    Graduation Date: 05/10/1975
    Residency: 07/01/1976 - 06/30/1978 (Anesthesiology), UNIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER, TUCSON, AZ

    Area of Interest: Anesthesiology/Administrative Medicine
    Board Actions: None

    Janis continues to have big wins. LOL. Last place of residence: Mesquite, Nevada. She owned companies..

    * Creative Financial Services Corp - permanently revoked 2009
    * J & D Education Tech LLC - permanently revoked 2009
    * Desert Rose Family LP - permanently revoked 2007
    * EQ Environmental Tek LLC - permanently revoked 2006
    * Immobiliare Holdings LP - permanently revoked 2005
  11. Magoo

    Magoo Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: The Lisa McPherson Case

    Interesting. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    For years I have used an example to explain $cientology Mind Control:

    Get the idea that your senior pulls you in and says "This is top secret--you can't tell anyone and it's VITAL
    you get it done". You say "ok". He tells you: "Take this envelope and put it in this specific mailbox and 4:00.
    Tell NO ONE.

    Then he tells another person....same pitch, only "take this box and put it in the same mailbox at 5:00.
    Tell NO ONE".

    Now at 6:00 you are both in different houses,
    watching the News.

    Suddenly you see the Mailbox BLOW UP. :omg::omg::omg:

    You each in the back of your mind think: "Didn't *I* put s/t in that very mailbox today?"
    But of course you're in a hurry to finish some other bogus cycle, and it is TOTALLY TOP
    SECRET---so you figure, 'Ahhhhh it must just be a coincidence". :shrug:

    Your story about the delivery you had to make is the closest to that example I've ever heard.

    :thankyou: For telling it.
  12. Magoo

    Magoo Gold Meritorious Patron

    This is not shocking to me, at all.
    My opinion, for many that Lisa was held out on US 19 at the "Family Sea Org"
    location. It's a dumpy motel and one SO member took me out there once. It was filthy she told
    me and filled with bugs.

    I've stayed in THE cabana they say Lisa was in. I say "no way" was Lisa held there, certainly not for 17 days.
    a) There are not bugs in those cabanas....if any, certainly not enough to bite her as much as she was.
    b) They put people with $$$ out in those cabanas....and no way would they have a Type 3 close to big $$$.
    c) It's too close to the public HGC to chance having a "Type 3" (Nutz---which Lisa no doubt
    was labeled) near by, and the cabanas are feet from the HGC back then.

    So that's my theory---and that yes, my opinion is that she died days before she was "pronounced" dead, too.

    Call me crazy---just don't call me Shirley. :)

    PS: I'm totally willing to be wrong. If anyone has any evidence that proves what I say
    is not so, please share. :)
  13. Infinite

    Infinite Troublesome Internet Fringe Dweller

    Re: The Lis McPherson Case


    Greetings 'Gator,

    ^^^ Respect.

    When you say "available documents" what, specifically do you mean? I've heard the story of Lisa McPherson having died some time prior to her transport to hospital before. The only actual DOX I have seen concerning the time of death is the Autopsy Report which records the date (not time) of death as December 5, 1995. The information was recorded by Joan Wood who, I believe, was a competent and experienced practitioner. It seems incredulous that Joan would not be able to recognise that Lisa had died four days prior. Well, that's my "stable datum".

    Another story I have heard about Lisa's death is that she didn't spend all 17 days of her capitivity in room 174. Its location in Fort Harrison Hotel seems entirely incongruous with a location at which to hold a woman in the throes of a fatal psychotic episode. If she did die prior to December 5, I suspect it wasn't in that room. One relatively new story I've heard is that some of those involved first hand with Lisa personally couldn't speak English. Alas, I have zero DOX on either of those two tales. Any thoughts?

    As a humble wog, I've had something of a steep learning curve in getting to grips with Scientology. I feel like I have learned another language. It kinda worries me that I have understood, pretty much, everything you have posted and identified, just about, all the entities encapsulated in L Ron Hubbard's alphabet-soup. What I am enjoying about wading through all that guff is your ability to imbue the workings of Scientology with character which provides, IMHO, a far more piercing exposure. Thank you. MOAR!!

    EDIT: I had to go looking, didn't I? It would seem that the people closest to Lisa during her murder by depraved indifference were: Janis Johnson-Fitzgerald, Brian Anderson, Alain Kartuzinski, Susanne Reid, Valerie Demange, David Houghton, Rita Boykin and the 3 Scientologists that were whisked out of the country when Clearwater Police detectives began investigating her death: Suzanne Schnuremberger, Ildiko Cannovas and Laura Arrunada.

    . . . and what logs remain all appear to be in perfectly acceptable english.
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  14. Smurf

    Smurf Gold Meritorious SP

    Thanks, Shirley. :biggrin:

  15. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Re: The Lisa McPherson Case

    I had to laugh. My personal experience has generally been, when a woman complains to a man about how her existing relationship is going, it's generally to strongly hint that she wants you to become her new boyfriend, but without putting herself at risk by openly asking you. I've had it happen too many times,
  16. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Re: The Lisa McPherson Case

    GO/OSA has this long-running standard operating procedure where (to reduce chances of interception) anything important would not be sent directly to the destination, but instead to some person who would operate as a relay point.

    For example, back in the GO days, mail packets between GOWW in UK, and Flag would go via RONY (Relay Office NY). The RONY guy would go to JFK airport, pick up a package from one airline, put a new address on it, and ship it down to another imaginary company in Tampa, where a Flag guy would pick it up at the terminal and bring it to Clearwater.
  17. Ted

    Ted Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: The Lisa McPherson Case

    Oh, yeah.

    That's a double-barrel shotgun waiting to fire from both sides. I generally ignore that woman, and thus stay out of trouble. :lol:
  18. Ted

    Ted Gold Meritorious Patron

    Re: The Lisa McPherson Case

    Well, yeah. Ya can't be too cautious with SMERSH lurking behind every bush or corner. :hysterical::hysterical::hysterical:
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  19. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Re: The Lisa McPherson Case

    I would have laughed harder before the NSA revelations.

    It was not unreasonable to think that the US and UK governments would have had an interest in communications between GOWW and Flag. In the aftermath of Operation Snow White, it wouldn't even been hard to get a judge to issue a warrant to authorize opening the mail pack. It would have been even easier, legally, to get the UK side to do it.
  20. CO2

    CO2 Patron Meritorious

    Re: The Lisa McPherson Case