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Panorama: Secrets of Scientology (Showing BBC1 28th Sept 2010 9pm UK)

Discussion in 'Movies, Plays, and Documentaries about Scientology' started by Type4_PTS, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. HelluvaHoax!

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    I don't care if they are gay or not but it seems oddly coincidental that....

    There seems to be an inordinately large amount of swirling gay innuendos & subtext & in COB's language and his inner sanctum's celebrity posse...beginning with LRH Biographer Dan Sherman (speech affectations), Int'l Spokesman Tommy Davis (speech/mannerisms), Most Dedicated Scientologist Tom Cruise (gay rumors for decades), Most Beloved Scientology Celebrity John Travolta (repeated target of gay outing by alleged former lovers), and many others.....

    It might be the simple explanation of COB's homophobic tirades and accusations against Int Execs.

    Who cares if they are gay, but with the LRH Tech so clearly delineated that homosexuality is a bank aberration and 1.1 on the tone scale, there may be some real fireworks one day if the confidential confessional videotapes/folders become part of the discovery in litigation.

    Even the ritualistic public "stoning", degradation & humliation of non-gay persons (e.g. Amy Scobee) as to their alleged homosexuality is a very bizarre and specific anomaly--and I would suggest not just a random event.

    That sort of profound lying, coverup and hypocrisy is a rather consistent pattern in Scientology and would not be surprising at all. I have come to expect it.
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  2. this might help:
    Our sexual behavior expresses not only our psychosexual makeup but also the entirety of our personality. Sex is the one realm of conduct which involves the full gamut of emotions, cognitions, socialization, traits, heredity, and learned and acquired behaviors. By observing one's sexual predilections and acts, the trained psychotherapist and diagnostician can learn a lot about the patient.

    Inevitably, the sexuality of patients with personality disorders is thwarted and stunted. In the Paranoid Personality Disorder, sex is depersonalized and the sexual partner is dehumanized. The paranoid is besieged by persecutory delusions and equates intimacy with life-threatening vulnerability, a "breach in the defenses" as it were. the paranoid uses sex to reassure himself that he is still in control and to quell is anxiety.

    The patient with Schizoid Personality Disorder is asexual. The schizoid is not interested in maintaining any kind of relationship and avoids interactions with others - including sexual encounters. He prefers solitude and solitary activities to any excitement sex can offer. The Schizotypal Personality Disorder and the Avoidant Personality Disorder have a similar effect on the patient but for different reasons: the schizotypal is acutely discomfited by intimacy and avoids close relationships in which his oddness and eccentricity will be revealed and, inevitably, derided or decried. The Avoidant remains aloof and a recluse in order to conceal her self-perceived shortcomings and flaws. The avoidant mortally fears rejection and criticism. The schizoid's asexuality is a result of indifference - the schizotypal's and avoidant's, the outcome of social anxiety."
  3. Kookaburra

    Kookaburra Gold Meritorious Patron

    Now responding from the land of slow downloads. :confused2:

    I've finally got through all the videos. Thank-you Teos.

    I thought the show was great. It was clearly aimed at unindoctrinated public and still in Scientologists. It hammered key points. Disconnection was highlighted at least 4 times with real life, raw emotional situations with different families.

    The ultra controlled prison like life at Int base was exposed, again, with more than one person at different points in the program.

    Co-erced abortion was exposed, as was cutting of comm lines between spouses.

    Stalking by OSA was throroughly and completely covered, again touched on several times. CoS caught red-handed lying.

    Harrassment of critics was covered, with the use of PC folder data highlighted and backed up by several people, as was the secret videoing of sessions and the subsequent use of the tapes.

    Any Scientologist seeing this show would be out, no doubt about it. I hope some celebs watch it, as it showed how they are used by the CoS to get public approval, all the while dirt is being collected on them for use if they dare to peek behind the curtain.

    None of the 5 million people who saw this show would ever go into the CoS. It portrayed it as it is. An evil, paranoid, controlling cult that destroys peoples lives.

    Well done to the exploding tomato. :)
  4. Dulloldfart

    Dulloldfart Squirrel Extraordinaire

    Ok, thanks guys.

  5. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

  6. UkAnony

    UkAnony Patron Meritorious

    AWESOME video there Sharone
  7. Operating DB

    Operating DB Truman Show Dropout

    My favorite part was "fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fu-fffffffffu-fucking lunatic".
  8. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Originally posted by UKAnony
    No, not awesome. Shock and Awe.

    What a lot of people might not know is it was made by an ex scientologist and sent to XenuTV, why they got out. It is a very well made video, and in that respect it is awesome.
  9. Sharone Stainforth

    Sharone Stainforth Silver Meritorious Patron

    Originally posted by Operating DB

    Whilst describing David Miscavige and L. Ron Hubbard, right now I can't think of a more appropriate phrase.However, at this time I think the beeb would not tolererate such language.

    In America, you have Freedom of religion, even when it's not.
    In England, you have Freedom of speech, no you don't.
  10. degraded being

    degraded being Sponsor

    Amazing video. I watched it right through with the sound up.
  11. Panda Termint

    Panda Termint Cabal Of One

    Agreed! This is an awesome video, absolutely AWESOME!!! :thumbsup:
  12. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free


    readers: I am sure that comments are appreciated over at the youtube link, which can be clicked at the top of the video. This was a video sent to Mark Bunker at XENU TV by a scientologist fed up with DM.
  13. damn! never enough hours in the night

    ok. saw parts 1&2. looks good. probably a week before i can 3&4. rastafrazzin'! well...should be a whole lotta shakin' goin' on.
  14. Type4_PTS

    Type4_PTS Diamond Invictus SP

    Great video! :happydance:

    Mine too! :thumbsup:
  15. we shall fight them on the beaches...

    neville chamberlain and hi colleagues had winston churchill blockaded from government until the invasion of poland for fear of antagonizing whatshisname but churchill had the ear of king george and a letter giving him access to everything in the uk. the germans knew he was still a force and after the munich debacle opened the door to prague a member of their legation paid a social visit to the once and future sea lord in his london apartment. the crusty junker tried to grease winnie toward neutrality. churchill was cordial and diplomatic and largely bland in response but as he ushered his guest to the door he delivered his coup de grace. "do you know why the english bulldog flares his nostrils?" he said. "no mr. churchill," the prussian clicked and rasped " i do not know why the english bulldog flares his nostrils. tell me." winston removed the cigar from his narsty puss, fixed him with his gaze and said "so he can breathe without letting go."

    speaking as a person of faith, it can be said with some confidence the obnoxious old sot from brittania's perch in paradise is lifting in the direction of mr. sweeney.
  16. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    There is a definition of "Lunatic" in the SCN Dictionary.
    I don't recall seeing Fucking in that same dictionary.

    Hmmm Moar SCN Lunacy:

    "Instructor A was found to have huge ideas of how you must never invalidate anyone, even a lunatic. The Case Supervisor was found to be "too busy with admin to have any time for actual cases"."

    Via SP Times: news

    A Village Voice blog has the headline Scientology's Leader a Sadistic Slapper, Say Top-Level Defectors: St. Pete Times.
    "Over the past few months, actor and Scientology-defector Jason Beghe has been hinting to us that two absolutely top-level officials who had recently escaped the church's clutches were about to unload on their former supreme leader, David Miscavige.
    This morning, the first installment on that project was unveiled, and it is stunning.'' ( )
    One of their readers Jim K posted this comment:
    "Putting an end to the tax exempt status of this organization is long overdue. Poor, Tommy Davis he has had alot of explaining to do in these last few months.''
    Their reader Lacie says:
    "For some time now I've been curious about whether Tommy Davis is a lunatic true believer or a sleazy snake oil salesman thieving thug..extensive evidence appears to indicate he's one or the other imo
    "listening to this latest fiasco of his I think its tipping in the direction of lunatic true believer"

    via Jim Edwards:

    Tommy Davis, pr chief for Scientology, dismissed Hall’s story. “This guy’s a lunatic,” Davis said. “He’s a sick guy.” Davis told BNET that Hall was merely a copywriter at the Church and was “dismissed” after behaving erratically. Hall’s exit from the church came after he sent a letter to another Scientologist in which Hall said the man’s dead wife was speaking through him, Davis said. Davis also said the $82,181 bill was cancelled and not pursued. “He has no credibility.”

    Same article below that
    RE: Former Scientology Marketing Chief Speaks Out After Leaving 'Cult'

    Hey Jim,

    I'm not sure how deep you want to go into this... but now that you've added fresh comments from Tommy Davis, you are getting in the middle of a war between a lone whistle-blower and a mafia-like multi-million dollar corporation. Here are the facts:

    Tommy Davis is heavily involved in covering up criminality within the Church including beatings that I witnessed David Miscavige administer to staff on four occasions.

    Anyone speaking out against the Church of Scientology is routinely discredited as "lunatic," "psychotic," etc. It comes with the territory.

    Listen to this audio recording of Tommy Davis (recorded by journalists of the St Petersburg Times last summer) and then you decide who's a lunatic.

    Awful lot of Lunatic lunacy re: Scientology, Hmmmm Luna - Moon, Moonies? Warewolves?

    What was the Scientology definition of "lunatic" again?

    also, If one of your tenets is that Psychiatry is evil and not valid, then how can anyone be "Psychotic?"
    Perhaps more sane then SCN?

    Was Xenu a gray or a blue?

    Other stuff:
    Alaskan Mental Health Bill:
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  17. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    I've long suspected that DM has gay leanings, and that his beatings and sadistic domination of other execs has an S&M homoerotic quality about it.
  18. smartone

    smartone My Own Boss

    ^^^This^^^ :yes:
  19. AAAAHRRGH!?!?!

    Terribly weak ending. Horrible. GROSS!
    The body of the program is very good, obviously critical but certainly not slanderous and it has a just measure of fairness as it is clear to any intelligent viewer the subject has appealing virtues and the critique is not delivered with an inflammatory tone. Except just before the conclusion where the “makes your blood boil” buttons are lightly pressed and then BANG the label “cult” slams against the back of the skull.
    As DeRopp points out in “The Master Game,” man is always trying to think with a part of the mind not intended for thinking but is merely a labeling device. Do we not all chafe at being labeled “SP” “DB” “PTS” or” Wog”? Have not the best of us openly repented with true remorse for having done so when we we’re “in”? (just by the way, through my sins are legion, those who knew me at FCDC might recall now, though you did not notice at the time, I did not go into agreement with the labels and NEVER used them). The upshot of the program (me) is to push the bipeds back into their slumber and herd them away from scientology. The ending makes sooth of Tommy’s allegation Sweeny is a bigot with an agenda. It’s awfully painful to me as he so well won me over to him with the body of the piece. The close is worse than worthless, It’s rotten.
    Please people, get to work on learning HOW to think. Maybe get to work on dismissing an all too frequent tendency to tell others what to think. This is one of the greatest hallmarks separating US from THEM. We have always always always taught HOW to think. They always always always teach WHAT to think. Hubbard offers valuable insight saying the “analytical mind” thinks in differences and similarities and the “reactive mind” thinks in identities. Thinking in labels is RM thought, it decreases awareness and generates re-stimulation and the show finished with a sickly CLUNK
  20. AnonyMary

    AnonyMary Formerly Fooled - Finally Free

    I think you missed the info that the church threatened legal with BBC and the show was edited from the original as a result. All the secrets that Rinder spilled, among other things I believe, wound up on the cutting room floor.
    This is a terrific show because, despite all that, it hit home with the raw public. Over 4 million saw it. There is not enough that CoS could do in damage control. People know that it is not a trustworthy organization. It separates loved ones, it spies on people! Some church, lol!
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