Scientology's TOP 100 biggest lies


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The list has just begun. Got more LIES to add?


1. Scn is The Bridge to Total Freedom.
2. You can become an Operating Thetan.
3. You can achieve the state of Clear.
4. There is no disconnection.
5. Fair Game is canceled.
6. Ron did not die, he purposely dropped his body in order to research upper levels for you.
7. The Sea Org is the most ethical group on the planet.
8. Scientology works.
9. Psychs are an evil wholetrack conspiracy to enslave you.
10. You need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get rid of body thetans if you want to be free and happy.
11. DMSMH results in mental health and clear.
12. L. Ron Hubbard is the true and only Source of freedom tech.
13. Scientology controls your ‘eternity’.
14. Hubbard is mankind’s greatest friend.
15. Keeping Scientology Working is the greatest good.
16. Scientology is a religion not a business.
17. Scientology believes in The Creed of the Church of Scn.
18. Church of Scientology believes in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
19. L. Ron Hubbard is an ethical Operating Thetan who rose above the bank to save mankind from eternal suffering.
20. Scientology handles the causes of war, criminality and insanity.
21. CoS senior management is not liars and criminals.
22. Scientology is the fastest growing religion in the world with over 10 Million members.
23. Scientology is clearing the planet.
24. Ron’s technology will make you cause over life.
25. All illness and accidents are from PTS and suppressives.
26. Ideal Orgs are ideal.
27. The Golden Age of Technology is unaltered LRH tech.
28. Applying ethics conditions makes one ethical.
29. Mary Sue Hubbard and the other criminal leaders of Scientology that went to prison were not following Hubbard’s policies and orders.
30. Office of Special Affairs is not the same as the Guardians Office except better at lying and hiding crimes.
31. The religious leader of CoS, COB, is not a sociopathic sadist who physically beats and psychologically terrorizes staff.
32. Hubbard didn't believe in or use drugs.
33. At the top of the Grade Chart beings can exteriorize with perception and other paranormal powers.
34. …
35. …
36. …
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Bea Kiddo

How about what they say about critics?

People who criticize Scientology are liars.
Only critics (ex-Scientologists) were the ones beating staff.


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Damn! Now I can't stop thinking of LIES that Scientology sells.... :roflmao:

Scientology is compatible with other religions.

SuperPower will make planetary clearing a reality.

Ron is the only person in the history of the universe to go thru the Wall of Fire.

Exposure to the Xenu story will kill you with pneumonia.

There is no hidden data line in Scientology.

Many of Ron's most important HCOPLs are not insane, destructive & illegal such as Fair Game, Responsibility of Leaders, Keeping Scientology Working, etc...


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Scientology is compatible with any other religion.
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Scientology cures homosexuality.


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One of my favorites is the brain doesn't do anything and yet drugs are bad. If the brain didn't do anything then drugs wouldn't do anything. Duh.


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"You don't need to worry about the cost, because your income will skyrocket as you go up the Bridge."

Bea Kiddo

"You don't need to worry about the cost, because your income will skyrocket as you go up the Bridge."

(The sad part is that people buying services have been coerced into maxing out credit cards, then told to file for bancrupcy - by their regges!)

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got a few

more lies from the church:

joining staff/so is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics and will make your life better.

scientologists are senior to wogs.

applying conditions are the only way to improve your life.

having a "wog job" is degrading.

going to college is "useless".

TV/news/media is all controlled by the psychs to get you on drugs and is entheta.

we come back (in ref to SO).

the golden age of knowledge basics materials are "as lrh intended".

flag is the "mecca of technical perfection".

there's so many more. this was fun! :wiggle:

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just thought of another one!

another one:

- ANONYMOUS are college students paid by the drug companies.

edit (thought i'd just add it to my last post instead of adding a new one):
- The leaving staff routing form is to HELP YOU.


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Every time I got regged for the bridge I was told how this would improve my dynamics in life. Or we are making the able more able (which I think means more able to pay for the bridge). Scientology is the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. LRH is mankind greatest friend or actually you could say just about anything about LRH history and it would be a lie. Now that I think about it - what is true about Scientology and LRH?


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We stand by the Code of honor and the code of a scientologist.

Also we don't fair game. Disconnection is canceled.

The priest confidentially is sacred.

Also we have standard tech. DM is God.


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The amount of tolerance and patience shown on this board is highly admirable

I find it astonshing that people who have been duped , lied to and treated even worse than these can still participate in this board and have timely and rational discussions - I for one have a forensic interest in scientology as I believe that a good deal of it is useful and beneficial - some of it may go further than ever realised -
However, my favourite piece of outrageous rubbish is the following " Any Sea Org member can do any post regardless of case level or training " - Correct me if this datum is wrong , but it is the most insane concept I have ever heard of !
There is no way that such an idea is based on "tech " - It is a egotistic whim
devoid of any workable advantage for anyone and responsible for much suffering in orgs.
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All illness is due to PTSness
You pulled it in.

I love that one. Every time a student would bring that up to me as to how that could be true. I never had a come back that ever worked completely as a Sup. I would be thinking to myself it is another Hubbardism that can only be experience by blind acceptance.


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What is true is what is true for you, or whatever that quote is. Oh Yeah! So if what hubbard says is not true for me, that's okay? I can voice my dissent? Well, you try it if you are a public or especially staff scieno.


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Scientology is compatible with any other religion.
Edit:Duh I didnt see your second post Helluva!
Scientology cures homosexuality.

Ciao He-Man! Yeah, that "compatible" one definitely belongs on the list!

But, as far as homosexuality, I thought Ron cured Quentin with a special rundown called the Scientology Ultimate Identity Cure If Deviant Ethics.

I forgot what they called it, maybe by it's acronym.