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Stories about stupid KRs

Discussion in 'Stories From Inside Scientology' started by Voltaire's Child, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Tuppence

    Tuppence Patron

    I hated the idea of writing KRs I also hated writting O/Ws, which also went into files (so many files!). It always felt like a lot of responsability, because what if I misunderstood the situation? What if I was wrong about what I thought I saw? I also felt KRs were a sneaky way of inciting fear in the children and lower ranking officers. A way to control others behaviour(s) and so nobody shared real emotions, thoughts etc. I still look over my shoulder and ask myself, would it bother me if someone else knew what I am doing, could it be misconstude as something else? There are so many things (age appropreate) that I did not do, and still won't do.

    And yes as children of sea org members we were expected to write KRs, O/Ws, attend auditing and sell scientology to the public, record our hours etc. We had to make ammnds and essentially RPF after our O/Ws, which we had to do when we got sick/ were written up on.

    I can remember getting a KR, having to write my O/Ws, and then questioned about why the KR incident wasn't on my list of O/Ws. The person questioning (wasn't my mother) me didn't like the answer that I didn't feel it was a with-hold (as I did___ in-front of others) and protecting my sibling, sure it was intentional, but not something I think was an "overt act". I was sent back to write up mor O/Ws and they weren't happy when I just sat there (as I had already written up all my O/Ws), my siblings were called in, my friends were called in and asked to read my list and if they could come up with any I did not share. This was common practice as I recall.

    KRs were not just for adults. I don't think any part of Scientology was "just for adults" as children are viewed as small humans, who are not much different than adults.

    I do like that I was never talked down to by scientologists, nor was I brushed off just because I was a kid. But I never missed having to write up O/Ws or KRs.
  2. Tuppence

    Tuppence Patron

    I would like to say to everybody on here, (As I presume most of us have written KRs)

    You have NOTHING to feel ashamed of or guilty for when it comes to writting KRs. The atmosphere in Scientology is one of a need to write KRs on EVERYTHING. Those who do not, and they know aobut something, can get a KR on them. There are so many "crimes" to report on and it would be suspisious if you didn't write them. They think (or they used to anyway) if you're not writting KRs then you have O/Ws.

    Please forgive yourselves or find a way to make peace with the things you have done in Scientology that you would not otherwise normally do if you were not in Scientology.

    I could say the idea or spirit of KRs may have started with good intentions, I think in the armed forces you are supposed to write up fellow officers if ...., and KRs may have been fashioned after those kinds of write ups, but then it was taken to the extreme.

    My point is you should not feel bad for doing something that was expected of you, and if you didn't, then you were expected to give them ammunition against you.
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  3. hummingbird

    hummingbird Patron with Honors

    Well, this doesn't compare with EZ's, but I'll chime in. I was the Receptionist at a mission. The Treas Sec let's call "Holly." I was told that under NO circumstances was I to forward a phone call to Holly without finding out why the person was calling. Okay. So a man called, asked to speak to Holly. I asked, politely, what the purpose of his call was. He said he didn't have to tell me, and to put him through. I said, "I'm sorry, sir but I can't --" and he yelled at me "Put me through! I'm her father!" I apologized and put him thru. Got a KR for that, for "refusing to put a call from her father through."

    There was another even stupider thing about some fliers when I was down in LA at ASHO, but I don't feel like getting into it. Bottom line, they were a great tool if for some reason the higher-ups had it in for you anyway.
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  4. EZ Linus

    EZ Linus Cleared Tomato

    Thank you for giving out that very meaningful helping of empathy and love. I have to really cherish that because I often hear how I need to cut myself some slack for all the things I still feel guilty about that I did in Scientology, yet fly right past those sentiments and dismiss them. I need to stop doing that, pause and let myself off the hook. I know I am not to blame, especially because I was so young too. But you know how there isn't really any breaks for kids in Scientology. Kids are just smaller, shorter adults.

    Coming to terms with these things doesn't happen in a day or just one time. It really is a process. But thank you for the great help this time around. I really appreciate it. :)
  5. screamer2

    screamer2 Idiot Bastardson

    KR's were one great tang of the fork that finally pried me away from the cult. I found myself either gloating or being ashamed while writing them up, sometimes both. And on the other side, well, lol
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  6. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    There was a senior exec in my org who would also give impossible-to-carry-out instructions. He once asked me to go and get something from another room in the org. I forget what it was exactly, but his instruction didn't really make sense. He was asking for something very specific, and I couldn't see how it would be useful to him. I asked him to clarify his instruction, and he more-or-less repeated the same nonsense. So on my way to the other room, I was trying to figure out what I could bring him that would actually be something he could actually use, as close to what he had asked as possible. When I brought him the thing, he blew his stack, and said that that wasn't what he had asked for. My reply was that what he had asked for was gibberish, so I had altered his instruction as best I could to something that made sense.

    He was evidently testing me to see whether I would alter-is his instruction. When I told him that the thing he had asked for was useless, and that I had tried my best to interpret what he wanted into something useful, he seemed to get it, calmed down, and walked off.

    The same guy once randomly came into my space, and pointedly asked me "have you had a plant check?" It was so random that I had no idea what he was talking about. I was thinking he meant potted plants or something, and thinking "WTF is he talking about?". When he clarified that he meant a meter check as to whether I was an FBI agent or sent in by the psychs, I laughed, said I hadn't, and volunteered to take one. This evidently satisfied him, and off he went about his business.

    Incidentally, when I fired back to the Org after KTL/LOC training, to set this up in the org, this same guy was highly suspicious of the fact that the KTL team was managed from outside the org, and that he couldn't issue orders to us. I think he became increasingly paranoid after that. God knows what was going through his mind.

  7. Wilbur

    Wilbur Patron Meritorious

    There was something very spooky about the whole KR thing. There was something very spooky about everything that went on in our org. It was like the whole org had a mutual out-rudiment with society. At first, this made Scientology more alluring to me. It was like a Rubik's cube that needed solving. But eventually, I began to see it for what it was: nuts.

    KRs are like everything else in Scientology: a nub of a good idea, taken to the point of reductio ad absurdum. When I got out into the real world, I initially thought "wouldn't it be great if other organisations had KR tech, etc". Now I just think it's all nuts.
  8. Tuppence

    Tuppence Patron

    Hugs - I don't know what else to say, other than I can see what you're saying and right now I feel a desire to give everybody hugs because I know how hard it is when things are rough.
  9. Tuppence

    Tuppence Patron

    It makes me feel very happy to know I am helping and supporting you too. I expect this healing will be a long slow road, perhaps I will make friends on here, but if not that's okay because that's not the point of this. But to know I can return the care to you, makes me happy.

    Thank you :D
  10. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    I am still here.

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  11. exseaorgclocmoflagetc

    exseaorgclocmoflagetc Patron with Honors

    KR's were a was like a political move...someone didnt like you and they would watch you until they could twist and interpret something as bad........Jenny would beat me up, basically fly into a rage and pysically charge at me and attack me because she didnt like that I verbally stood up to her bullying.............and then after being all bruised up by her sometimes bleeding, me always only in the defense pose with my arms up sheilding me(I knew how much clout she had)...... she would write a KR on me ..and because of her political pull and clout.....I would be the one in trouble(garbage duty and industrial pots and pan scrubber) and her completely untouched. Of course one of the KR reviewers that determined who needed what punishment was her parent. she got away with being a very rude tough bully all the time.
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  12. Helena Handbasket

    Helena Handbasket Gold Meritorious Patron

    That sounds like my entire life, in and out of the Church.

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  13. Tuppence

    Tuppence Patron

    Sorry to hear Jenny would do that to you, but I do agree KRs were abused and all.
  14. Gizmo

    Gizmo Rabble Rouser

    KR. Surely one of the things anybody can point to & say with great " certainty " :

    That's insane !
  15. Tuppence

    Tuppence Patron

    Well for "an ethical organization" I would say it was a good idea, poorly implemented.

    As Scientology has so many of its own flaws and those in charge of clearing the planet (based on what I've seen and heard) Scientology is run by unethical people, who force others into being unethical as well, KRs became a way to tattle, to try and get revenge, to be spiteful and vendictive.

    This is not the way KRs were introduced to me, they were supposed to be a tool to help Scientologists remail clear and ethical, they were supposed to be a tool to find the suppresive people who may have infeltrated scientology. This is obviously not how they were used. The way they were and probably still are used is as Gizmo said, insane!
  16. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    KRs were a way to turn a community into a police state. The purpose of KRs were not to find "suppressives", but instead find anyone who disagreed in any way with any executive's agenda.
  17. Tuppence

    Tuppence Patron

    That is how they were used, yes!

    Not how they were explained to the children of Scientologists, and again, if KRs were used ethically and for the purpose told to the children in Scientology, they could have been a useful tool.

    Not having the people reading and writing them used as tools!

    I remember the KR training, we were told that if we knew of someone who was saying anything negative about scientology, acting in a way that was harmful to thenselves or others, talking about going against Scientology teachings, then we were supposed to write a knowledge report.

    It went from that to if you didn't brush your hair, your teeth, sleeping in class (school was my work) eating too much, watching TV and basically anything you didn't like about someone you wrote a KR about them. If they were or their parent(s) were high enough up the chain of command, nothing was done about it. If you or your parent(s) were not, then you were subject to the full force of whatever they thought would prevent you from doing it again. Even if that meant sacrificing sleep.

    The police state was only for "the low man on the totem pole" so to speak. CMOs and CMOs children were not subjected to the same discpline as the CLOs and CLOs children. I can only guess they thought it would make more CLO members and their children try to become CMO members, because they seemed to be untouchables.
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  18. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Yes, rank was a big factor. I remember being berthed at the Heart of Clearwater. I remember being questioned by a lady who was an FSO MAA over why I was watching the TV in the reception area instead of going to bed. I told her I would be functional for post tomorrow. She demanded my name and post so she could write me up. I said "OK, I'm xxx, [Flag Bureaux executive post]". She just turned and walked away, and never bothered me again.
  19. Mest Lover

    Mest Lover Not Sea Org Qualified

    Upstats can do anything without punishment.
  20. Enthetan

    Enthetan Master of Disaster

    Where upstat is primarily defined as "makes money which can be sent uplines".
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