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Advice on handling those still "in"


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Well, it wouldn't make you any friends, but, you could also smile and say, 'oh, I don't mind you being a Scientologist. Eventually you'll get out. The only consistent 'product' of Scientology for 50 years has been 'ex-Scientologists'.

Where are all these ex-scientologists, btw?
Three months I wasted here to find a real one!:coolwink::coolwink:

Then you must be blind and stupid.

By the way, would you count all the Scientologists who commited suicide as ex-Scientologists?

Or how about the ones (I know of four personally) who died of cancer rather than see a doctor because they were advised by their MLO not to use medical doctors to treat their cancer?

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By the way, would you count all the Scientologists who commited suicide as ex-Scientologists?

Or how about the ones (I know of four personally) who died of cancer rather than see a doctor because they were advised by their MLO not to use medical doctors to treat their cancer?

Generally yes to the first. No to the second.

Speaking of, interesting article on Science Daily today....

Morphine Blocks Tumor Growth, Study Suggests

(There have been other studies that suggest the opposite, but, as with any complex system, it may be a matter of reducing some tumors and making others grow faster.)


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Hope all goes well, c-orgy. There's some really good advice here.

I just want to add that I do not believe that verbal disagreement, even if vociferous, necessarily constitutes a sign of disrespect. A disagreement may, of course, be expressed disrespectfully, but a civilly expressed disagreement is not itself a sign of disrespect. On the contrary, it seems to me that not allowing civil verbal disagreement is itself disrespectful.

All the best.:)

Great point. Thank you.


Yeah, i kinda see your point. But....

...when David Miscavige invalidates and beats Scientologists and treats them like children and laughs at them when they suffer under his cruelty, which policy is that again?
I notice that SOS didn't answer this question. :)
Next week is dinner with friends.

My plan:

"Look, you know I have some concerns about Scientology :)whistling:). I want to tell you what they are RIGHT NOW. I'm asking you RIGHT NOW to give me 4 hours of your time RIGHT NOW to show you some stuff :)omg:) you need to learn about.

"You may want to kick me out of your house RIGHT NOW and if you do, I'll understand and later on if you feel embarassed over kicking me out and disconnecting from me, that's OK too - I'll understand and we'll carry on like it never happened, BUT I'm not going to make it totally easy on you because we're going to talk about this stuff RIGHT NOW, so buckle your seat belt!

"The worst thing that could come of this is that you write a report on me and go down to the org and the DSA (OSA) person there can listen to you tell them what I said and they can show you some LRH references and stuff from KSW and PTS tech and third party me personally and write at least a non-enturb order on me. All it's going to cost YOU is a study cycle in ethics and perhaps a day of cramming.

"I've been your friend for 15 years and I deserve your attention this once. I'm going to tell you some stuff RIGHT NOW - .

"So here goes....."

NOTE: I used to be a reg, so why not get HARD FUCKING SELL RIGHT NOW? I did it on a daily basis on staff for DECADES so why not use these skills on these dear people?

P.S. In case you didn't notice, the continous use of a phrase like "RIGHT NOW" is an old reg tool to "ding-in" a command - a call to action now - that is probably highly hypnotic, and is highly successful. There's LRH "tech" on it. If you look back at some reg cycles you were in, this tool was used and you WERE convinced to act NOW (with you wallet, your time, your life).

Give me your comments now and I'll give you my results later.


Me, "The Reverse FSM"

P.P.S. And don't anyone try to steal that name - it's MINE -ALL MINE. ah...Rosebud.

So I'm upfront on this, as far as I know, I'm in good standing with the Co$, and having friends in the Sea Org and public getting 6 month checks, I'm not willing to rock anyone's boat too much. I left the Co$ in 1976, and have never looked back. My "in" friends all know this. Nobody seems to care. I stay under the radar.

I have told my Sea Org friends that if they ever want to leave, I'll help them get work, a place to stay, etc. I've told them about when Al Ribisi blew the SO with Gaye and the three kids, that I put them up for free in a vacant rental house I had until they got on their feet.

I talked to a Silber about the alterations in the tech, and all I got was "it's all LRH" it wasn't even a flicker on the radar.

I had a class Vlll auditor, who had given Geoff Levin a bunch of auditing at CC in the 1970s, go to his house, knock on his door. He's dying of cancer. He has money at Flag, they won't audit him. He hasn't seen his own kids in 3/4s of a year. He freaked out that she wasn't "in" and on the approved list so to speak. He's dying and still he wouldn't open his door to a friendly face.

What I'm trying to illustrate are there are limits that you can push without consequences, and there are people who just won't look.

Scientology is a solution to something - better to find out what that something is.

I think you are brave. I can't evaluate your friends' reactions. The bold move sounds good.

What are you going to show them? - that is really the key. If you don't hit their buttons you lose.

A question set (alternative questions) that you can ask are:

Tell me a condition auditing didn't resolve.

How did / do you handle it?

These are not Scientology questions. If you ask really nicely, they won't know they are being audited, so no KR on you for just talking.

run them alternately to EP.
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I guess SOS is using the Ignore method instead of the confront method. :D ha ha ha....


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SOS--I'm an ex-Sci. of 22 years. Evaluating and invalidating those who are also ex's on this board shows that either you are not a scientologist or you truly believe that you can do anything you want to to someone considered an SP, (in which case you have swallowed data without evaluating it) or you are just here to enturbulate others. If you truly would like to ask anyone questions, honestly ask them. SPs and wogs alike (to use your terms) are for the most part honestly interested in helping others and don't automatically consider them enemies or things to put down. If you insist on spouting the official cult words, at least try to sound that you have digested them as your own first.