Anonymous Message to Mike Rinder


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From Mark Bunker:

"Anonymous Message to Mike Rinder
Today at 8:58pm

Anonymous has called on Mike Rinder to step up and spill more of the beans about the fraud and abuse he witnessed inside corporate Scientology.

Mike Rinder, this is Anonymous.

We applaud your recent statements to the St. Petersburg Times. It was quite revealing for many people to hear how David Miscavige mistreats people on such a regular basis

During our campaign against the cult of scientology we have been speaking with many ex scientologists, many of whom have had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of this abuse, they felt slightly vindicated when that article was printed.

For many years, you were the head of Scientology’s terrorist wing, OSA, which has ruined the lives of many more people than David Miscavige assaulted and abused. We’d like to add our voice to those of all the ex-scientologists who plainly think you owe them more than a single damning article on The Poodle.

We shudder to think of the threats Scientology has made against you, but you know your testimony can bring about such dramatic and positive change. We urge you to come forward for all those people who once you counted as friends, many are still living miserable lives, in appalling conditions.

Those people whose lives have been torn apart, those people who’s businesses you destroyed, the families of those who have mysteriously died. Those individuals still held captive in Scientology’s desert compound, they deserve more. The information you still hold secret can set them free.

So, Mike Rinder, come forward and be counted amongst those people who finally tell the truth. There is and can never be any shame in simply telling the truth.

Do it for those whose lives have been ruined,

Do it for all their families,

Do it because you should feel completely rotten for holding it in.

We are Anonymous,

Expect us."