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Wherever Davey goes; there will the 'Church' of Scientology go. Basta. The only thing that makes the 'Church' is the money (that pays for the thugs and infrastructure)

This world will *not* be 'Cleared'. I promise you that.

SCIENTOLOGY SPOKESMAN: "The term THUGS, as you have characterized it, is unrecognizable to me. On the other hand, our Church does proudly support TOUGH SONS OF BITCHES working 24-7 in the field of Human Rights Violations."

INTERVIEWER: "There are those that say that your church is in fact committing those very same Human Rights Violations! (pulls out, reads from stack of sworn affidavits) 'David Miscavige beat the shit out of me on on 32 separate occasions'---"

SCIENTOLOGY SPOKESMAN: "I can stop you right there, I am familiar with David Miscavige beating the shit out of people.......Ooops."
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