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Hi, I am new here.

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Hi and welcome

Kha Khan alerted me to your posts, you have friends here, we have daughter in still, got one out at the beginning of this year.
It has been a journey of discovery, mainly one of finding strengths and friends your situation is similar to ours, feel free to contact us by PM if you wish we have learnt some stuff and we are happy to help. My wife posts under Happy Days.

We will keep an eye out for your story.



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Thank you for all your kind words.

I will get the rest of the story up again. Maybe from a different approach - more from common civil righs, instead of too much emotion, like a lawyer. But much shorter and concise.
Such a betrayal of trust, hard to talk about, so many details to go over, making it harder to get it down, piece by piece I think is best.

Don't worry about taking the emotion out of it. It is an emotional experience. They use that to control.

You are not in a courtroom. You are amongst friends here. Just be yourself and say whatever you want. And whatever you feel. This place is good for healing and getting things sorted out for yourself.