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The Destruction of My Family

Kha Khan

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Hat-tip and WWP Thread: Scientologist Horror Story "Destruction of My Family"

Original Story from Scientology Cult - The Destruction of My Family
The Destruction of My Family

Sunday, 13 June 2010 20:50

Following are some highlights of my life growing up in the Sea Org and with a Scientology family. My hope is to bring the type of activity that I experienced to light so that others are not exposed to similar abuse. The experience affected me in an extremely negative way that I am still dealing with to this day.

I was born in Geneva, Switzerland and I lived there with my parents, older sister and younger brother. When I was 4 years old my parents, both Scientologists, divorced and my father got full custody of my sister Valeska, brother Raphael and me. He decided to join the Sea Org in West Sussex, UK so we moved there and lived in the “housing” provided. My mom came with us at first but she was told that she couldn’t stay. She told my sister and me that she was going out to get coffee and she simply never came back.

We spent the first night, all 4 of us, on a twin sized mattress that had bugs on it and smelled like urine. I remember that I was completely homesick, sad and crying because I missed my mom. None of us spoke English which made it so much worse.

The first physical abuse I suffered was at the hands of a woman named Pam Hubbard Beale, no relation to L. Ron Hubbard. I was put in the ballroom of Stonelands (one of the Scientology properties located near East Grinstead) and she closed all the doors and locked all the windows. She then had me run around trying to find a way out until I had exhausted myself. When I finally gave up she proceeded to beat me on the butt. I had just turned 5. This intended to show us kids who was boss.

The people supposedly taking care of us didn’t regard us as children; we were adults in little kid’s bodies, fully aware of the consequences of our actions, and fully responsible, and blameworthy for any result. Any mistake was regarded as a premeditated and deliberate act of destruction.

We were in the Cadet Org, a mini Sea Org org. We all had posts and were assigned all sorts of manual labor: scrubbing walls, floors, cleaning the toilets, rooms, sweeping etc… not stuff that kids would normally do.

Our cook, John Harvey, would refuse to feed us unless we filled out the sheets saying how good the food was and if we weren’t there at the designated time we definitely didn’t eat. I guarantee you there were no fat kids in the cadet org. We were all pretty much skin and bones cause we never had enough to eat. One of the clearest memories of my childhood is us kids banding together to steal food. We would put the smallest kids through the pantry or kitchen window and steal whatever food we could get. I was the kid that was normally on lookout. I had no problem putting myself in harm’s way if it meant protecting my older sister who was always one of the gang leaders. I’d stand by the kitchen door and knock till John would come to the door. When he opened it I’d squirt him with a water gun and then try and dodge his fists as he tried to punch me. I would then run through the house screaming because he always came after me and his punches hurt. I was normally faster than him and could get through to the other side of the house before he could catch me.

When I first came to the Cadet Org we had a governor that watched over the smaller kids. His name was Bo, though I can’t remember his last name now. He sexually molested some of us, but when it was reported they just moved him to a different post. No charges were ever filed against him because in Scientology all justice is handled internally. Who cares if kids are getting molested, beaten or raped; it’s still all handled internally.

After Bo we got Dominique and Heather. Dominique was by far the worst governess we had. I think I became the one kid she hated more than anyone and she decided she was going to break me no matter what. The first time she punched me in the face was when I was 10 years old. I’d been hit before by our other “caregivers” but never hard enough to knock me out. She punched me right in the face. The force of the blow sent me slamming into the wall behind me and I was out. This, like all other incidents was covered up. Bruises and other evidence of abuse were supposedly due to “fighting” between children.

I had a mouth on me as a kid and hated Dominique. I made it a point to show her and Heather that they would never break me. The worst beating they ever gave me was when I was 10 or 11. I was playing upstairs and one of the boys, Oliver Morgan, was making noise in the shower room. Dominique thought it was me and yelled up the stairs at me to be quiet. My response, not thought out at all, was “make me shut up.” As soon as I said it, I knew I’d made a terrible mistake. Dominique came running up the side stairs and Heather came up the main stairs and I was trapped upstairs in between them. I ran down the hallway to try and make it to the 3rd floor so I could escape via the roof. I didn’t make it. I curled up into a ball as they proceeded to punch and kick me. After that they dragged me through the whole house by my hair and then Dominique threw me down the main stairs head first. I landed in the middle on my shoulder and could feel it dislocate, worst pain ever. I hit the bottom headfirst and slammed my knee into the brick floor. I was barely conscious but they still dragged me by my hair to the side door and threw me outside. They then went and locked all the doors to the house so I couldn’t get in. I was in my pajamas and had no shoes or socks and it was the middle of winter. I still to this day get major panic attacks if I get too cold. I also had to slam my own shoulder back in against a wall. To this day it still pops in and out.

This incident was the ONLY time my dad ever said anything to Dominique about the physical abuse we experienced. I complained to him many times but he did nothing.

My dad was in a car accident when I was 12. One of the people in the car died. One of the staff, John Cronin, thought it would be funny to come and tell me that it was my dad who had died. I was devastated and yet they didn’t tell me the truth several hours. I WAS 12 YEARS OLD!!!!!

That was the last straw for me. I called my Swiss grandma and begged her to book me a ticket to Florida so that I could go live with some friends. I left England.

The above is just a very small snippet of some of the atrocities that were committed in the Cadet Org. I can’t recall the number of times I was hit, knocked unconscious and we wrote reports and yet nothing was ever done about it. We were just future Sea Org members that needed to be molded into “good” SO members which meant breaking us down into robots. I was unbreakable but I paid a price to maintain my integrity.

A couple of years later, when I was 14, I went on a holiday to England with my sister, who was 16 (and in the Sea Org at Flag) and my brother who was 12. We went to see my step mom, Angela. While I was there I decided to join the Sea Org in England thinking that this was the right thing to do. Things were very off policy and I could write a whole article about this but won’t at this time. I worked 16 hours a day and did not attend school. I was in the Sea Org till the age of 18 when I left, never to return.

When I was 15 my mother was declared. This is another story in itself, but the short version is that my step father, Albert Jaquier, donated 6 million dollars to the Church and was owed millions of dollars from different Scientologists who he had loaned money to in order for them to buy church services. He was in bad health and was not making money due to his condition. He tried for years through the Church to get the money owed him by these Scientologists returned. Nothing happened, despite him writing to David Miscavige for help and getting no response and becoming the target and sent to ethics. He was not allowed to use the court system to get his money back as he was told this was "off policy." In the end he was so distraught and miserable that he committed suicide, leaving behind a 6 year old boy. This was a man who was a self made millionaire and he died in total despair and sadness with not a penny to his name. He asked my mother before he died to help get the scene sorted out with the Church and to make his story known. There are many more details, but I am not writing a book at this point so I am only covering the basics. As I said earlier my mother went to Switzerland, to the local org and asked to have a Chaplains Court to get the money returned. Of course, they took NO responsibility for their crimes but instead sued my mother and tried to get her jailed for "blackmail" because she provided evidence to the state concerning her husband’s death. The case went all the way to the Swiss Supreme Court and of course, the church lost as she had done nothing wrong.

The result of this was that my sister (17 at the time), brother (13 at the time) and me were ORDERED to disconnect from our mother or we would be declared SP's and kicked out of the Church and we would also lose our father and step mother. Not knowing what else to do and being convinced that this was the right thing to do we all disconnected from my mother who we all loved very much. As a note my father was living in the States and divorced from my step mom, my brother and I were living in the UK with our step mother but no actual parent and my sister was living in Florida in the Sea Org by herself with no parent or legal guardian and had been since the age of 14.

When I left the Sea Org I came to the US and moved in with my father and brother Raphael. My father’s wife and I had some disagreements and they forced me out. I lived in a very dangerous part of Chicago by myself in an apartment. This was scary for me and I was not enjoying life. I was invited to Scotland to see some friends and when it was time to go back to Chicago I could not bear the thought of returning to the life I had led. I called my Swiss Grandma, (on my mothers side) and begged her to let me come and live with her. My father got the news that I had done this and called me and let me know that he was disconnecting from me because I was in communication with my grandma who was connected to my "SP" mother. I was devastated by this, this was my father and I was 18 years old! I love my father and could not believe that he would do this.

I went to Switzerland and stayed with my grandma for a few weeks, I then flew to Florida and went and lived with my mother. I got a job and met my future husband, Joe. I was living with my mother for a few months before I moved into my own place with Joe. He had a baby boy who I have raised for the past 10 years. I got a college degree and continued working. I was visited by OSA Flag and ordered to disconnect from my mother or I would be declared an SP and would lose my father, brother, sister and step mom. They tried to get me to come into Flag but I did not want to and did not want to disconnect from my own mother.

I did not hear from the Church for a while and was living my life, working hard and getting top grades in my education. My husband and I had a baby girl. When my baby was one month old I got an SP declare in my mail box from the Church of Scientology declaring me for being connected with my mother! No Comm Ev was done. This resulted in my father, brother and sister all disconnecting from me, not because they wanted to but because they had to. Over the years my brother has had communication with me on the Internet and then cut the line because he had to or he would get in trouble with the Church and be declared.

In Sept 2009 I got a phone call from my sister who had left the Sea Org and wanted to get my situation sorted out so that our family could be put back together, I was in agreement with this and requested a Comm Ev. This took months and months with nothing being done even though a Comm Ev is supposed to take 48 hours. My sister stayed in comm with me and my brother also got in comm with me. At Christmas I went to see my brother in LA and we spent the day together, this was great and he expressed how much he had missed me, he also asked to call my mother and was very happy to talk to her and let her know that he had a photo in his wallet of her and my half brother and had had it there all of these past 15 years that he had not been allowed to talk to my mom.

I went home and then the shit hit the fan! My brother called Angela, my step mom growing up, and told her what had happened. She is in the Sea Org in England and told him that this was off policy and quoted the reference from OEC volume 1. Raphael went and spoke to CMO terminals in LA who told him that my idea of being in comm with my sister was "disapproved!" He was then sent to see OSA Int in LA who ORDERED him to disconnect from me and take me off Facebook within 24 hours or he would never get his Bridge and would be declared an SP. So my brother, not knowing what is really right and being scared, took me off Facebook and has not spoken to me since.

My sister refused to disconnect from me. This resulted in my father and brother both disconnecting from her. By the way my sister is pregnant, very nice to have that happen when you are pregnant!!!! My sister has email from our dad where he states he will never be able to see his granddaughter (my daughter who by the way does not understand why she can't see her granddad and is quite hurt by this) and now he probably wont be able to meet his grandson (my sister’s boy).

I recently lost about 50 friends on Facebook, these were all "Scientologists" in the "Church." One of my friends who was not willing to disconnect from me and whom I wont mention by name sent me an email telling me that the MAA in England had sent a broad email to all Scientologists in the UK letting them know that I had been redeclared an SP and that they all needed to disconnect from me. Of course I got no copy of the Comm Ev since the Church is infested with lies and has to cover themselves at all costs and take no responsibility for the lives that they have ruined with their insane off-policy actions and robotic followings of a crazy self-appointed dictator, David Miscavige.

I have kept quiet for the past 10 years but after seeing the outright lies that the Church has told over the past 6 months including that there is no such thing as disconnection, I decided to speak out and tell a short version of my story.

I hope this helps get the truth out. Although, I have to say, it is quite obvious who is lying. It would be a lot easier for the Church to just come clean and take responsibility for their crimes and change their ways and their corrupt, criminal cowardly leader who has twisted any sense of policy and turned the Church into a suppressive extortionist organization where no one has a right to an opinion and where lives are ruined to keep his crimes covered up.

But the truth will come out in the end, just like it has in our entire history.

Written by Melissa Paris


From WWP:

For those of you who may not have heard the story of her step father Albert Jaquier in the past or read his diary, (he was an OT7)
go here and be horrified

Operation Clambake present: Diary of a dying Scientologist OT7

will ad this to the OP too.

Mick Wenlock

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Hi Melissa

I knew your step father Albert, he was a nice man, self made, little rough around the edges maybe but always fair.

Your step Mom - "Angela" - was she AOSH UK staff and from Scotland? Trying to remember her name. if it is the Angela I remember then she was a real prissy twit. (sorry don;t mean to offend)

Your step father's story was tragic, yours is horrific.

Thank you for writing it all - I am so sorry that you and your siblings were put through such inordinate crap.


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I did read the diary of Albert Jaquier. It is a sad and ugly story and should be read by anyone who has anything to do with Scn.


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Your step Mom - "Angela" - was she AOSH UK staff and from Scotland? Trying to remember her name. if it is the Angela I remember then she was a real prissy twit. (sorry don;t mean to offend)

Angela Paris, née Berthoud.

And the actions described in that story are criminal, literally.



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Tragic! Simply tragic.

Lives touching lives...

My daughter Jordan was given a very lengthy sec check by Valeska Guider Paris, married to Chris Guider, this was after we made a stand and demanded she be allowed to route out of the SO here in ANZO. Valeska recently contacted Jordan via Facebook and said how sorry she was for giving her that sec check, that Valeska was out of the SO and is pregnant, her baby is due in July, I am pleased for her and wish her well.

That sec check has though caused my daughter a lot of trouble and it has taken her since that time to feel better. She experienced nightmares and was quite disturbed over the whole thing.

Melissa's story is tragic and it disturbed me, Valeska has reach out to my daughter Jordan but we find it difficult to trust her, I wonder at her motivation for doing so. I won't say more than this on this thread as it would derail it and that is not my intention. Our daughter was subject to abuse in the Sea Org here in ANZO, Valeska had her part to play in that, ironically she too has been the effect of abuse. Didn't Hubbard write something about this sort of thing in DMSMH...'contagion of abberation'.

I wish Melissa all the very best.



Albert Jaquier

Having been reminded here about Mr Jacquier... I recall the bereftness, that I felt, when I first read his entries. (about 10 years ago)

At that time I knew someone who had earlier expressed to a church staff member that she would like to become a counsellor. She was admonished by the staffer and told that she had to join staff AND that if she was to train and become a counsellor without joining staff beforehand... well..."she would become a magnet and the sps would crush her".
She left the org a bit bewildered.

I considered it was appropriate to give her Mr. Jacquiers' diary which I had printed off from the net. It was quite a lengthy diary. She read it. As a result of reading this diary she became extremely enlightened on certain aspects of the church practices of "NON CARING."
She is doing great in life.

The diary helped me too.

With reference to Mr Jacquier.....
At least we are alive and can do something...anything ....well almost anything....to stop these inhumane acts occuring.