Meeting with OSA Canada


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To me, there is no point for discussion with a scientologist. They say they listen but they dont. They already have an hidden agenda and fix idea on critics. What is the point? :confused2:

I like sharing here but other than that I dont want nothing to do with scientology. Period. Even my friends are not scientologists or even ex-scientologists.

I had 2 experiences so far that got me to believe that my so called ex scientologists friends were not as 'ex' as I tought if you know what I mean so I just dont trust them anymore.

I detected it pretty fast but still. It made me sick to my stomach that ex scientologists will steep as low as spying for scientology or getting data for scientology of an ex by befriended them. Its sickening! :furious:

Maybe i'm wrong but why than that gut feeling in my stomach and things that whether dont add up or are contradictory??