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This is an excellent post Panda!

It's also quite shocking to me. I was ALWAYS a public in a Class IV org. so I didn't have as much to do with SO as most of you on this board. As I have said in the past, my experience with the SO missionaires "handpicked by COB" were that they were a bunch of fanatical freaks.

Reading of these kinds of "tactics" to quelch any counter views of the "church" are so disgusting and insane that its hard for me to wrap my mind around this. However, sadly, I have NO doubt that it is 100% true.

Personally, when I read postings from "Pitbull" who I definately think is a troll or Bjorkist whom I think is just damaged from too much "tech" it just reinforces how friggin' grateful I am to be out of there!!!!

I don't really care that some defend the "tech" as I believe that we all have the right. I know I could NEVER involve myself in any type of group that has "all the answers" as I have learned, the "answers" are as varied as each human being is. HOWEVER, ANYONE that defends that sickening, money grubbing, false prophet cult and it's "greater purpose" is crap on my list. And, issuing "tech" to counter any differing opinion is the lowest one group can sink.


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This is an informative thread.

I think going public, getting up to the point of beng willing to talk publicly to media, and posting with one's name, straight details of events, that is so important.

I urge likewise, ex GO people to write their memoirs, and if the info is just too sensitive, then send the info to Prof Stephen Kent with the priviso that it's released some time after the ex GO person's death, if there is concern of ruining other people's reputations and lives.

Like in the case of people like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder and the whole gamut of ex GO big cheezes.

I think the goddamn history needs to leak out, however it leaks out, whenever it leaks out.

I urge all ex GO people to write whatever they can, and get it out into the public domain, or get it to Prof Stephen Kent for access to those who are gonna someday try to piece the history together.

I'm fascinated a little by how RTC, the Gary Klinger era, sort of took over from the old GO, when OSA Int was not entirely on its feet in terms of the dark covert intell crap.

I'd love for Lynn Farney and Gary Klinger to write books.

Mike Sutter, Mike Rinder, Marty Rathbun, they ALL should write their timetracks in all the bullshit covert intell stuff they had done.

Thanks Panda Termint, I hope you spur some OSA Int ex's to come out of the bushes somehow.

I think also, that the PIs, like David Lee Lebeau, who has done the long term covert intell surveillance of the "top" critics, over the years, and all sorts of other extended covert infiltration into the lives of ex Int Base staffers, I wish a guy like PI David Lee Lebeau would write his memoirs of all the crap he's done for Scientology over the last two decades almost, now.

Shit there is so much damn covert intell history and PI bullshit that needs to see the the light of day, and we also need the real deal what is really going on right now, exposed.

We need more ex OSA Int people recently to defect and spill some beans.

And I still want someone to get the old big ex GO big cheezes to open up, or do their memoirs, and get their memoirs into the public domain.

Jane Kember, Charles Parselle, Fred Hare, David Gaiman, Herbie Parkhouse, and I don't even know all the covert intell ex GO biggies, Chuck Ohl I know unfortunatley did some stuff.

I so wish the ex GO people could get each other to somehow get their memoirs done, privately, and gotten to Prof Stephen Kent, for release or access by scholars, or whatever, whenever, the damn truth of the details of what was done, just GETS OUT INTO THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, somehow.

Thanks Panda Termint.

I PM'd you for current advice.

It's be great if there were an ex OSA and ex GO person who could cheerlead and encourage MORE ex GO and MORE ex OSA people to speak the hell up!


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Chuck is one of the longest-standing RPFers who has spent the past years exposing Scientology at great risk to himself and with amazing integrity.

Fuck off asshole.


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It's be great if there were an ex OSA and ex GO person who could cheerlead and encourage MORE ex GO and MORE ex OSA people to speak the hell up!

Thanks Chuck - yes that would be great. I think Panda has opened the door here, and a creaky old door it is. Let's give it a shove and bring that door down!


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April info on who's who in OSA Int, real data

Apr 4, 12:54 am
Posted on ARS
Office of Special Affairs drastically downsized. ....Info of early 2008,

Dear Chuck,
... Here is what I remember about OSA:
(note: ....Many of the OSA crowd were transferred into ABLE Int, ILO
(Int Liaison Org, middle management's current euphemistic shore story
label), WISE for a huge downsizing. The downsizing occurred over the
past two years at the order of DM who was "revising" management and
specifically OSA was horrifically downsized to the point of inability
to function as they had done in the past, e.g., pestering and
tormenting those who had left. Now, the dirty work is left to people
like Jenny (DeVocht) Linsen (sp?) and Angie Blankenship as in their
visit to Jennifer Miscavige-Hill.)
CO OSA - Linda Hamel (Invest Aide HFA)
Kathy O'Gorman - Data Chief
Tom Whittle - Freedom Editor/Writer
Acky Heinrich - PR
Joan Long - External Estab
Karin Pouw - PR Aide
Ed Parkin - VP (now a PR and out of Legal)
Bob Adams OSA, VP PR something
Charlie Earl - Invest
Jim Morrow - Legal Aide
Judy Ross - External DSA Programs
Jeanne Gavigan - Litigation (she's a real attorney)
Nora (french name?) - MAA for OSA
Celine Muir - french girl - Dir I&R
Lynn Farney - Internet PR and does all DA's for anything
Jean Callaghan - holds reception
Steffano Beccaccini - External Comm functions, still does driving up-
lines for delivery, etc.
Wendy Beccaccini - PR
Beth Bond - Treasury functions
These are the guys I can remember for now. Iif there are more names
brought up, I can identify them.
There are also guys who have been sent to EU, like Carl Heldt who went
with his wife, Andrea Heldt when she was ordered to stay at NEPI so
Carl is either the Legal Aide EU or CO OSA EU, I don't know which.
Routed out is Maddie Hooper (went with her husband, he now works for
Atkinson/Baker) Sue Lerner Becky Hayes Help me with names and I can
identify these guys. Hope this helps.


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Info on OSA Int deteriorating, as of Jan 2008

Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
From: "chuckbeatty77 @aol.com" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2008 11:59:03 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Tues, Mar 11 2008 2:59 pm
Subject: Office of Special Affairs International, 6331 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA. Staff who are routing out of OSA as we speak.....

on the routing out list are Amy Mason Olsen, Matt Olsen, Dan Brown and
Melissa Brown, Lynn Shape (an OSA legal staff), Nancy O'Meara (OSA and
a writer -- oops!)
This is as of January 2008.
Heber's wife either routed out or blew in January also.
OSA is down to the hard core long term people.
Neil O'Reiley and Charlie Earl handling the Private Eye stuff.
Kirsten Caetano up to her eyeballs in dealing with anonymous, she
looked shell shocked along with Rick Moxon, at the LA 10 feb 2008
Lynn Farney and Rae Smith and Gloria Idda doing the internet dead
agenting propagandizing and "re-classifying" of critics into suitably
negative image "enemies". Lynn is the main "mind" and expert on the
dead agenting language.
Heber is okay health wise, just getting old, and he and Kurt Weiland
are still at Int, on the decks or in the "Hall" detention category.
OSA Int is down to a core of 35-30 staff, they are decimated, as is
now what is slowly happening to ILO (middle management) in the HGB
Anyways, Nancy O'Meara, no less, is routing out.
The number of other OSA Int staff on the RPF is pretty significant.
It is a sad disintegrating scene, with some of the "niceest" people (I
liked Charlie Earl and Neil O'Riley, pretty nice guys), doing the
dirty work.
It is truly going to be a sociological study into how OSA
There are NO people being trained to replace these hard core long term
veterans in OSA Int, so all the huge files and investigations into
"enemies" is tapering down due to attrition of OSA Int staff to do
their handiwork (LRH's worst policies, which in any case it is a
blessing that OSA is falling apart and unable to do Hubbard's worst


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Chuck is one of the longest-standing RPFers who has spent the past years exposing Scientology at great risk to himself and with amazing integrity.

Fuck off asshole.


Yes Chuck is HIGHLY respected... who are you saying fuck off to? Are you upset because someone asked him if he was Mike Rinder? And left a link to Panda's profile / page?

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So, (I know Fluffy will love this :) ) while I doubt seriously that Fluffy is OSA,

It's obvious I'm not. FOr one thing, I get FZ auditing. That's kiss of death in CofS. Not allowed. And if someone did that to infiltrate, they'd A) Stop eventually and B) would eventually betray the FZ individuals which I've never done. Had I done so, it would be all over the 'net. Nor would I have gone to critic's parties and had dinner and drinks with critics repeatedly with none of them being betrayed.

*many* OSA Ops adopt her positions as protective coloration in order to 'divide and conquer'.

You've said that before and I've noticed you think that. I think it's not unlikely that this has happened sometimes and could happen again. I personally don't think it's many, though. I know some of the Scn'ists who posted to forums who were alleged by a few people here and there to be OSA.

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Could you please explain why the link goes to Panda membership details page ??

Jak, I think he's asking if Panda is Mike Rinder.
As much as I dislike doing OSA's job for them, the answer is "NO".
Or maybe it's "YES", let's keep them guessing a while longer. :D


I was asking Panda if he was Mike Rinder. I meant no offense. I am very much hoping Mike will find his way to this board, and I don't know who Panda is, Mike Rinder, far as I know, is Australian, Panda is in Australia, if I read correctly, Panda knows the operations end of OSA, and obviously Mike Rinder does.

It would surprise me if Mike was ready to talk, and I would also be surprised if he wasn't under some sort of heavy gag order or agreement. But I think he holds the key to the legal dissolution of the Church if he turns states evidence. So I hope.

Panda Termint

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It's be great if there were an ex OSA and ex GO person who could cheerlead and encourage MORE ex GO and MORE ex OSA people to speak the hell up!
Thanks for the encouragement and the additional a.r.s. info, Chuck.

Yes, I'm hoping for the same thing, as you'll see in my original post.
It's way overdue and a lot of the serious players are fast approaching "memoir" time so I think it'll all come out soon enough.

As you undoubtedly know, the Intel/Invest crowd are probably the most guarded of all in GO/OSA. It's sort of like the recruiting, training process and attrition-rate gets them the top 10% of the top 10% of the sneakiest bastards in a cult already full of sneaky bastards (present company excluded, of course!) :)

I'll speak to you more directly in private.

Cheers, Panda